An All-Inclusive Learning Environment for Intellectual Development of Students

The need for an effective and meaningful learning philosophy is inevitable for educational institutions as it plays a vital role in determining the purpose of education, and thereafter, the success of the organization and its students. To that end, there is a growing need for the schools to firmly and consistently set educational policies that inculcate intelligent learning and independent thinking in students. This is particularly important as a holistic learning philosophy can bring immense benefits not only for the students but for the faculty and the institution as a whole. It is a fact that a solid learning philosophy in a school ensures the development of positive values in students. We, at JP International School, understand this and have implemented an effective learning philosophy for the intellectual development of the students. The idea of education at JPIS is to empower students in every possible way to help them evolve into resilient citizens of tomorrow. With our unique and robust learning philosophy, we seek to educate and develop the true potential of each of our pupils and enable them to excel in all walks of life.

Learning Pedagogy:

Based on years of global research, we, at JPIS, have developed a unique DECA™ model, which entails the elements of Discover, Explore, Connect, and Apply. We use the 5 point MAGIC grid that shapes the learning in children and extends the education impartation beyond the walls of the classroom, allowing them to explore and apply the concepts learned in real-life situations. We strive to ensure that each and every learner at JPIS thinks innovatively, excel academically, and become the best version of themselves.

Our unique teaching-learning pedagogy is based on a child-centered approach and focuses on learning by doing so that children can evolve better with constant learning.The key aspects that we strive to instill in our pupils through our innovative learning pedagogy are:

Create Mutual Connections: Our innovative approach exposes the young minds to the concept of Live, Learn, and Share, thus making them indulge in collaborative relationships with the communities around them and help them learn to be compassionate and considerate as a good human being.

Develop their Personality: We help children develop a positive personality by instilling in them positive core values and beliefs.

Pave the way for Growth and Success: We make each child value their individualistic abilities and help them define their own success in life based on their interests, talents, and what they want to contribute to the world.

Inclusive Leadership: We develop inclusive leadership skills that guide them to actionable decision-making so as to contribute positively to the global community.

Campus Atmosphere:

Built amidst serenity and salubrity, the modern campus at JPIS is equipped with all the necessary amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure that befits to the international standards. Everything from smart classrooms, advanced laboratories, a well-stocked library, and an aesthetically designed amphitheater to extra-curricular activity areas and a wide range of sports facilities make JPIS campus a well-fit place conducive to holistic learning.

Eminent Faculty:

Teachers are the assets that add value to an institution. We, at JPIS, recognized as the Best CBSE school in Noida, focus on bringing the best in industry faculty to cater to the learning needs of the young minds. Our teachers play a major role in mentoring students and directing them towards academic excellence by taking the extra effort to reach beyond the classroom and curriculum. We also conductregular faculty development programs as a part of continuing education so that all of our teachers remain abreast with the latest educational standards and are able to contribute to learning outcomes positively. The teachers at JPIS are receptive to the needs and ideas of the children and respect each and every child’s perspective, uniqueness, talents, and learning styles. Such an individualized approach combined with a stimulating learning environment can empower children to become future citizens with the right mix of knowledge and skills.

At, JPInternational School, we aim to understand and encourage the individual capabilities of each learner by offering a conducive learning environment and opportunities that allow them to discover and explore their innate potential. Students at JPIS are always encouraged to become independent, successful, well-disciplined, and compassionate human beings, who can successfully and positively contribute to the future society.