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Creating an Environment of Scientific Temperament through ATL at JPIS

Students walk up to the schools with their aspirations of life to explore the world they live in. If you see, education is not about living a luxurious life; it rather aims towards preparing the young minds for life. Children can only get true education when they are allowed to express themselves and open up to life. And, schools play a crucial role in fulfilling that purpose of education.We, at JP International School, strives to fulfill this very purpose of education.  We, at our school, have created an environment where students learn and develop themselves in all spheres of life. Our pupils thus develop the ability to connect with the real world through active engagement and grow into future inventors and innovators, holding the potential to bring about positive transforming in our society and our nation at large.

One of the initiatives taken by us, at JP International School, for preparing the young kids for the future is by providing them with opportunities to experiment the theory that they learn in the classrooms.  3D printing lab, Robotic labs, and project-based learning are some of the exclusive initiatives taken by JPIS to nurture the scientific disposition in young minds. This commitment of ours to empower our young fledglings has been further strengthened by NITI AAYOG’s Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), where JP International School, one among the Top 10 Schools in Greater Noida, has been selected to set up an Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL).

The ATL Initiative

One of the latest terms in the field of global education is ‘Tinkering’. ATL is an approach put forth bythe Central Government of India to transform the Indian education system for good. This tinkering will help to convert our young minds into great thinkers and innovators to invent easily workable solutions for society.

It is our school’s appetite for offering the best learning experience to our students, owing to which we have created several innovation labs for our students. Adding wings to our vision, NITI AAYOG has set up ATL lab in our premises at Sector Omega 1 Greater Noida. This initiative has steered curiosity, creativity, and imagination among students, and aiding their transformation into ‘Neoteric Innovators’ of the 21st century. It is likely to support the students in developing high-end skills in physical computing, rapid calculations, measurements, computational thinking, etc. With ATL, the learning experience is expected to go to a much deeper level as they get to experiment with the theoretical concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the ATL lab.

How does the ATL benefit the student fraternity at JPIS?

With the ATL initiative, JPIS has added another workspace where the teaching modules get integrated with new technologies. This allows students to project their ideas, learn about new technologies, and earn innovation skills.

Students from Class 6th to Class 12th come to these dedicated workspaces with their individual ideas and enhance their inventiveness by working on those ideas.  The ATL lab at JPIS is thus a playground for every young mind where they get to discover their ‘little scientist’ through a do-it-yourself model of learning. All these activities are undertaken by students under the guidance of subject experts. Under this ATL initiative, JPIS also participates in diverse activities ranging from regional and national level competitions, exhibitions, workshops on problem-solving, etc.

The Atal Tinkering Lab has been putting a surprisingly positive impact on students. Their young minds feel more engaged with the environment. They are developing the ability to look at social concerns and problems and then figure out how they can invent a cost-effective solution around the same. Moreover, their interest in studies and their academic score is also on the rise. We, at best CBSE school in Noida, are proud to state that with Atal Tinkering Lab, we have been able to propel the opportunity to let each child experience the power of innovation and creativity and develop a scientific temperament. Thisis trulylike a paradigm shift in the existing education system, and we are indeed glad of the fact that we are successfully contributing towards making a bright future for our kids a reality.