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Dealing with Bullies at School

Childhood days at school are full of excitement, fun, and unforgettable memories. However, at times, this sweet phase turns out to be a nightmare for some children, and that is all because they get bullied at school.Bullying is not a small problem, there are instances where bullying has had serious implications on the bullied child. And, hence whether verbal or physical, bullying is something that needs to be strictly taken care of.

We, at the J.P. InternationalSchool, are strongly against bullying of any sorts. We keep austere supervision on the students at school to ensure that there are no bullying instances happening within the campus. The school management at JPIS makes consistent efforts to bring awareness to students about bullying and encouragesthem to report any sort of bullying instances when and where it happens.

Though, the teachers and the management at school are taking all the efforts to not let any child suffer because of bullying, we feel there is a need to make the children aware of how to deal with bullying themselves. It is important for the children to know how to behave, what to do, whom to consult, and how to respond when posed with bullying, and hence, we thought of sharing the same by means of this article here.

Why Bullying Happens?

Usually, bullies are co-students who use verbal, physical, and emotionally abusive acts towards other children, particularly those who appear weaker to them. Bullies might indulge in hitting, kicking, teasing or scaring off their fellow kids occasionally for fun or targeting them purposely. Whilst the reasons are many, most bullies want themselves to feel authoritative, popular, and most importantly gain control over others. They either choose provocative or passive victims to establish their power or assert status in the situation. However, from the part of the victim or the bullied child, bullying can be a devastating experience. cbse residential school in greater Noida They experience feelings of hurt, sadness, dismay, embarrassment, and loneliness.

Bullying usually happens because of lack of empathy and assertiveness. While it is certainly a big deal, it is not the end of the story. What happens actually is possible to be resolved with some support and behavior change.

How to Handle Bullying?

So, what do you think would be the right step if you get bullied at school? How to cope with bullying? Should you fight back and defend yourselves? Or should you just ignore and walk away? Well…It might be tough to give a generic answer. Since there are various factors involved – such as age, the severity of the situation, bullying type, intensity of the behavior, etc. – there’s no one solution or approach that fits all. What might work in one situation may not be appropriate in another. It is important that students need to understand their own situation and get advice from adults to determine the appropriate course of action.

In general, our advice is to do either of the two things: one is to prevent a wrangle with the bully, and the other is to act appropriately when faced with direct bullying. Here are a few tips to help you deal with it.

Do not take it personally:

First of all, students have to understand that all the accusations, criticisms, allegations, and taunts posed on them by the bullies are not real. They are just the projection of the bully’s own weaknesses and shortcomings. So, you all have to deal with the fact that those accusations are in no way about you and they are not true, whatsoever. When you understand this, you will not get enraged, and will refrain from taking every accusation or criticism personally.

Do not fight back:

While it may seem like fighting back and standing up for oneself might be the right approach, it is not. There is no way you can fight back and defend yourself when it comes to bullying. Bullying is something that is done intentionally to hurt/embarrass you. So whatever response you give back, it is going to make things worse and will not end it. Moreover, when you fight back against bullies, you may simply escalate the situation further,turning it into a violent trouble. Instead, the best thing you can do is to not respond to the bullies, but instead, tell about it to an adult (teachers, parents, or a reliable senior student).

Give a neutral comment:

Whenever there is verbal bullying, never engage or respond to it provocatively. Keep eye contact and practice not to give any rude remarks. The best thing you can do is give a neutral comment that does not hurt or elicit negative emotions. Say something like ‘it’s your opinion, not mine’, ‘if you think so, ok’. This way, you are acting bravely and giving a strong message to the bully that you are not being affected in any way and hence it be better for him to stop it.

Seek help:

Last but not the least,do seek help from an adult. Talk to someone at school, either a teacher, counselor, or principal, about the situation. They are the right peopleyou can immediately get in touch with to monitor the situation and take appropriate action to prevent any further problems. Bring the situation to their attention in the firsthand. They can deal with it professionally to prevent the situation from escalating any further.

We, at the JPIS, take all the measures to avoid any instances of bullying.Wheneverthere is a complaint of bullying, the school intervenes immediately to deal with the victim and the bully, and put an end to the situation. best schools in Noida We strongly encourage and recommend each and every child to not at all be afraid in reporting such instances to us. Whether they themselves are the victim,or it’s someone else, they should bring the instances of bullying to the attention of the institution, either anonymously or in person.

Teachers and counselors at the JPIS are committed to help students to stamp out bullying effectively.  Moreover, we request parentsto freely reach out to the school staff if they suspect that their child is being bullied at school and want to report and deal with it.

We believe creating awareness about bullying and empoweringchildren to take appropriate action against the same by instilling in them self-confidence, assertiveness, and appropriate body language is the key solution to eradicate such instances from not only happening at the school premises, but anywhere else as well. This way we would be able to create a better, safer, and a healthier environment for the children to breathe in.