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Digital Technology Changing the Face of Education

“The real power of interactive technologies is that they let us learn in ways that aren’t otherwise possible or practical.” – David Lassner

In the modern age, technology has entered every nook and corner of human life. The technological advancement has remained unprecedented in the last few decades and has its footprints in every sector of the society today. Even the education sector has not remained untouched by the enormous technological developments. Technology has proved to bridge the gap between traditional teaching and fun-filled learning. The numerous educational websites, mobile applications, YouTube videos, blogs, and more have catered to transform the learning process in a multidimensional manner. Let us have a look at some of the key ways in which digital technology has catered to change the face of education:

Instant Access to Lots of Information:

A host of information is just a click away as students can simply look up into any topic across the search engine. For instance, if a child is keen to learn about the Basic Proportionality Theorem (BPT) or the Pythagoras Theorem, he or she can easily search for the keyword in the search box and it will be right there.

Efficient Assessment:

Various mock tests available online on each and every topic enables the students to assess their understanding of the subject. The instant results further help the students to gauge their knowledge in relation to their chosen topic.

E- Study Material:

The extensive online digital library enables the students to access the content from anywhere across the globe. Thus, they no longer have to compromise on their studies even when they are away attending a family function.

Multimedia in Education:

The use of images, audio, animations, and videos immensely help the students to visualize the topics, thereby enabling them to have a deep-seated understanding of each concept. For example, if a student wants to visualize the atomic structure of any element, he/she can easily access the library and view its images and 3D models to gain a better understanding of it.

Augmented Reality in Education:

For instance, if a student is keen to learn about the human anatomy system, it could be difficult for him/her to fathom without the help of a physical model, prototype, or image. Integrated augmented reality replaces the need to procure such physical material, and thereby helps the students to comprehend better, besides serving as a cost-effective solution.

A boon to suffice the thirst for knowledge:

The digital solutions cater to boost the quantum of learning capabilities to furnish each student who is keen to adopt new knowledge at their own momentum. It also fabricates the system of revisiting each chapter until a student is equipped with the desired knowledge.

What’s on the Flip Side?

While digital technology has its own share of benefits to extend to the education world, there is also another side to the coin. The widespread use of technology in education is surely benefitting the students, but if you see, the spreading technology, in a way, is also exerting an unprecedented pressure and stress on the young minds. Kids these days are getting addicted to using technology for even the minutest of things, which is negatively impacting their potential and capabilities. Children nowadays prefer using the readily available material on the internet instead of referring to the standard books from distinguished authors. The information overload on the ‘world wide web’ may create confusion among the students regarding what to refer to, thereby leading to confusion. This is where we believe, we, the parents and teachers, should step in to help the kids understand and utilize digital technology in the correct manner. With this view to enable our pupils to recognize the true potential of the digital technology, we, at the JP International School, one among the top CBSE schools in Delhi NCR, have introduced the Smart Classes concept to our pedagogy. Smart Classes is a technology-driven concept of teaching, equipped with interactive audio-visual modules, 2D and 3D animations, interactive graphics and much more to provide the students with a unique and interactive learning experience. The Smart Classes help to make the classroom teaching much smarter, efficient, and interesting. With the modernized perception of learning, we, at JP International School, are committed to providing best in class learning experience to our students thereby making learning an exciting and fun-filled process.