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Effective Tips for Malaria Prevention

Monsoons are here, and along with the fresh breeze, thundering clouds, the earthy smell, and a lot more that adds up to the beauty of this season, arrives the threat of waterborne diseases. One of the most common waterborne diseases that comes up as a health threat almost every year is Malaria. As you may know, malaria is a kind of sickness where the human body acts as a host to the parasite carried by the vector, mosquito. The disease becomes widespread during the monsoons and especially poses a risk to children who become an easy victim for the mosquitoes. Hence, precautions are the best way to stay away from the possibility of getting inflicted. Here are some of the measures you can take to keep yourself as well as your kids safe and healthy.

Check for Stagnant Water

If the cause can be nipped in the bud, the results will not follow by default. So is the case for Malaria. Female Anopheles is the particular genus of mosquito that carries the parasite called plasmodium which causes Malaria. The female Anopheles breeds in stagnant water and hence, any uncovered vessel containing stored water can serve as the breeding ground for them. Thus, if the source can be checked, the possibilities of malaria will get diminished automatically. It is advised that you check your house and its vicinity to ensure that there are no pots, vessels, cups, coconut shells that may probably become the breeding ground for anopheles sometime later. If you keep water stored at your home, do not forget to put a cover on it to restrict the mosquitoes from getting inside. If, by any chance, you end up finding larva of mosquitoes inside the storage, drain the water completely and clean the reservoir or vessel properly before refilling.

Use Mosquito Repellents

Your child could also fall prey to this hideous disease when playing outdoors. Mosquito repellents can be of much help for your child when he/she stays exposed to the outside world and away from homely protections. When the kids go out, apply the repellent on every part of exposed skin, even feet, and this will keep the mosquitoes from biting. Most of the repellents these days are made with natural substances that do no harm the tender skin of kids and do not result in rashes or irritations.

Focus on Proper Outfit

When outside, make sure that your kid is wearing a full-length outfit instead of short ones. This way, you can ensure that most of the body parts are properly covered, resisting the mosquitoes from coming in direct contact with their skin. Full-length trousers and full sleeve upper body wear are recommended as an important precaution to stay safe from malaria.

Use Mosquito Bed Nets

When going to bed at night, make sure that you use a mosquito net with no holes in it. The mosquitoes carrying the parasite of malaria are believed to be more active during the night time than the day. And, nap times are probably the best stretches when they can penetrate the human skin with no interruption. Hence, staying protected under a mosquito net at night is a good measure for preventing the disease from occurring as well as spreading.  Also, check if all the edges are tucked in properly to nullify any chances of entry for the mosquitoes.

Malaria is a serious disease that can cause long term hazards to health. It would be hence wise to take all the precautions to prevent the disease from occurring, rather than looking for a cure later on. At JP International School, a leading CBSE School in Greater Noida, we take complete care of the health and well-being of our students and staff, and thus make sure that the premises and surroundings are cleaned thoroughly and are regularly checked for ensuring no stagnant water in and around the campus. We, at JPIS, international schools in greater noida request all our students and parents to further spread the awareness in your neighborhood, as every awareness initiative could be a great step in saving a life from this dreadful disease.