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Encouraging a Culture of Questioning is Crucial

Curiosity is natural to human instinct, and the quest for the truth has always fueled the progress of civilizations. No matter how advanced we have become in terms of science and technology, the mystery of nature remains under the veil. At JP International School, one of the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, we believe in exploring rather than merely following the previous innovations. Our highly experienced teachers with their years of experience and love for knowledge have always rendered the highest priority to the inquisitiveness of our students. We believe that the more a child asks, the more he or she is keen to unleash the truth. As parents and as teachers, we should always encourage children of every age to ask questions without hesitating to help them better understand the concepts. With our technology-driven learning classes, we always promote the sense of prying into things far deeper. Memorizing the textbook seldom takes the students nearer to the reality. Be it a subject of humanities or a science stream one, having questions always symbolizes the analytical engagement of a student with the subject in consideration. We, at JP International with our unique DECA model for learning, have adopted an innovative approach to education that follows a path of Discover, Explore, Connect, and Apply. The four steps involved in the process are intended to promote the ability of the kids to question and explore.

Asking questions helps to do away with doubts

Apart from the far-reaching effects, the tendency to ask questions also helps the learners get rid of the doubts, dilemmas, and delusions. Most important, even if we fail to deliver a satisfying answer to the query of a child, the child should still be encouraged to ask more questions and must not be left feeling over curious. If the thirst for knowledge can be kindled inside a student, the purpose of education would become clear. During our interaction with the parents and guardians, we, at JPIS, always suggest them to never to discourage the kids from asking questions and be patient with the repetitive queries. We understand that it is human to feel irritated with random queries, but it is far more important that your child gets the mental nourishment every time he or she reaches out to you. It has been tested that many a time, questions are asked to nullify some possibilities rather than arriving at a certain conclusion. If we do not encourage the same, young minds can be misled with false perceptions. Hence, it is of paramount importance that we stand patient to the queries and help our children find the best way.

Questions are a source of constant knowledge

With our motto set to deliver holistic knowledge leading to best quality education, we, at JP International School, have entailed interactive sessions along with co-scholastic activities to bring out the curious soul hidden within every child. The Chairman of our esteemed institution, Mr. Roshan Agarwal, who is a progressive personality and has implemented innovative methods in the learning process, believes that creativity and curiosity are two sides of a coin and cannot be treated in separation with each other. Innovations and creations are directly related to the new ideas which in turn are dependent on exposure to new horizons of thinking. Leaving the conventional way of thinking behind, a young mind can take a plunge into the pool of knowledge and become innovative only if it is exposed to unconditional wisdom and freedom to ask. He strongly believes that questioning is the key to new perceptions that are translated into revolutionary inventions that then help to lead the way to future.

Questioning opens up new avenues of growth and success

At JP International School, recognized as the Best International CBSE School in Greater Noida,we have always promoted the spirit of questioning among our students. We have been encouraging curious mindset our school with an exclusive program of CCIE (Centre of Creation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship) that promotes and empowers their entrepreneurial skills. It facilitates the students to invent their own ways of building a career and makes the economic backbone of the country stronger by adding volume to the pool of entrepreneurs.

As rightly said by Albert Einstein, we can only get the same result if we keep on doing the same thing over and over again. We, at JPIS, firmly believe that breaking through the convention is critically important to make a permanent impression and it can only be achieved by allowing the mind to breathe beyond the usual. We encourage our students to keep up their inquisitive spirit and always help them overcome all the confinements of the mind to become a free soul.