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Encouraging Children to do their Best to Save Mother Earth is the Need of the Hour

Nature has always remained the means of sustenance for the very survival of existence and life on our planet. This is the primary reason why we pay respect to the forces of nature by calling it Mother Earth. Ever since the industrial revolution started, deforestation and emission of wastes have increased considerably making the balance of nature to suffer. With time the situation has only aggravated, and now we are facing the threat of extinction for many of the species that once ruled the planet. Moreover, resources like energy, water, soil, and minerals also depend on the balance of the ecosystem and nature, and if the balance is not maintained, we will soon go short of the life-essential resources as well. Hence, teaching our children to pay attention towards maintaining the ecological balance to protect mother earth has become more of a necessity these days, and the same should be introduced to the young minds at an early age. Here are some ways through which we can make our children aware of nature and its importance in life nourishment.

Introduce the kids to nature

Most of the kids living in a city seldom get a chance to encounter the beauty of nature amidst the concrete buildings. Allow your children to take short breaks during vacations or over the weekends and take them to visit places where they can stay in proximity with nature. This will not only make the children fond of the natural environs but will also make them aware of its role in our day to day sustenance.

Teach them the basics

Whenever you go out with children, explain to them the fundamentals of the natural forces that have made living possible on Earth. You can always explain to them the process of photosynthesis in simple words or the process of collecting nectar by the bees and transforming it into honey that we consume to provoke their curiosity. This will gradually make the children feel closer to nature, which, in turn, will encourage them to take steps in protecting it.

Teach the kids the 3Rs

Every tiny step taken towards reducing waste and its harmful effects on nature makes a difference in the endeavors put forward to save Mother Earth from destruction. The attempt can well start from your home itself. Make your children learn the importance of Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. To give them a more relatable concept, try practicing some composting in your garden and let your children learn how the organic wastes can be used to grow fresh plants by turning them into useful manure.

Teach the kids to save resources

Make your children understand the importance of water and its responsible usage. Get them used to some important practices, like to close the faucet after use, turn off the lights and fans when not required, etc. These practices become habits in the long run and end up saving water and energy, thereby contributing to restoring nature.

Make them respect everyone and everything

Unless and until kids learn to respect fellow humans and other beings, it is not possible for them to comprehend the role that nature and its individual elements play in maintaining this planet. Teach your kids to be respectful to every living thing around as each of them has an important role to play in ensuring our very existence on Earth. Once the kids understand the meaning of coexistence, the urge to save Mother Earth will be a spontaneous spree from their side.

We, at JP International School, recognized among the Top International Schools in Noida, believe that the purpose of education cannot be fulfilled if we fail to teach our young generation the responsibilities they owe towards our beloved Mother Earth. It is crucial to make sure that our children grow into responsible human beings and not into reckless individuals. This is why, we, at JPIS, top boarding schools in greater noida have set our curriculum and pedagogy in a way that involves thorough interaction of the young minds with nature. The clubs, the excursions, the times spent outside the classroom serve to strengthen the bond between children and nature. Our teachers always emphasize on augmented learning by making the kids practice reuse and recycling methods while disposing the wastes. We, at JP International School, believe that together we can make a difference, and this is why we have incorporated the activities that include caring for nature as an integral part of learning at JPIS.