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Book Week at JPIS

Books form an important part of a student’s life. Books form a means to attain knowledge.

Keeping this in mind Primary students celebrated Book Week with lots of enthusiasm and joy.

 Day 1 Activity-Visit to the library .

The library has become special tool for learning.It is an essential part of the curriculum. So from the daily routine special visit to the library was planned which motivated kids to read more and inculcate reading as a hobby.

 Day 2 Activity-Narrating a story

Students of grade KG,I and II  started of the Book Week with a story narration activity.

The teachers narrated the story giving emphasis to taking time to do any work in a proper and neat way.

 Day 3 Activity -Sequencing a story

Story Sequence Activity was conducted as part of Book Week where students narrated a story in sequence with the help of flashcards.

Day 4 Activity -Storybook Musical chairs game

Primary wing students played an interesting game as part of Book Week.

The students had to find a storybook and say it’s name out loud.

Day 5 Activity -Book mark-making activity

In this activity, students create attractive and creative bookmarks. Bookmarks are used to mark the page we are reading.

It was a fun and enjoyable activity.