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Fitness Week

Day-2 of Fitness Week

To enjoy the glow of good health, we must exercise.
Taking the celebration forward it was Day-2 of FITNESS WEEK 19th Nov,19 students from class I-V had a PT(Free hand exercise) session in the School ground. The inclusion of these activities motivate students to maintain a balance between their school work and physical/ mental fitness which improves their overall health. Students to had an amazing experience and were feeling active and energetic after the open discussion on sports and health.

Day-3 of Fitness Week

Poster Making Competition
Learning with fun is what we always seek at.Here’s glimpse of students participating in this creative learning activity.The topic was ‘Fit Body, Fit Mind and Fit Environment’ which was full of imagination, colours and message oriented.

Day-4 of Fitness Week


Today students of grade IV did rope skipping .Skipping is one of the best form of exercise which is useful in many ways like improving heart rate, weight loss, increasing height , improving skin etc. Students enjoyed a lot in this session.

Students of grade 1 practised Aerobics in which is important for kids to keep their heart, lungs, and blood vessels healthy.

 Senior students did gardening which make them much aware about the environment and its benefit on their health .

Day-5 of Fitness Week

Healthy living is something that most people in this era try to achieve by whatever means necessary. To satisfy students hunger for knowledge about Fitness, students from class IX-X participated in a TRIVIA QUIZ ON HEALTH AND SPORTS The teams participated with great enthusiasm and skillfully answered all the questions asked. They displayed ecstatic spirit and enjoyed the quiz to the fullest.

Adventure Camp

The much-awaited  Children’s Adventure Camp held on 21.11.19 in JPIS with a bunch of all-new adventure activities.

The adventure camp was full of fun activities like Jungle gym, bouncy , photo booth corner, dancing floor and plenty of exciting games.

It helped to connect children with nature in a fun sharing environment. And the most capturing and achieving was the smile on the faces of our little ones.