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The Memories Of Summer Camp (2018-19)

Every day was a bliss when you came to school and saw students learning to swim , play Musical Instruments, Learn Contemporary and Classical Dancing and Skating .An amble through the corridors showed the students learning Communication Skills ,skills to enhance their personality and create beautiful pieces of art and craft.

This was the target of the Summer Camp held at JP International School , Greater Noida .After ten days of activities of acquiring skills and art finally came the day of culmination of Summer Camp and a day for the students to showcase their newly learnt skills to their parents and teachers.

The success of Summer Camp 2018 is full of varied activities was carefully chosen  for the kids during the summer break which was already visible during the culmination ceremony. The happy faces ,the swimmers, wonderful dance performances, presentations ,skating and much more made the Summer Camp culmination, a day to behold.

The day was full of innocent children showing their skills with pride and ambition. This is the day when they deserve standing ovation and claps more than once. This day they were seen saying “I LEARNT A NEW SKILL” with much gusto.

We would like to congratulate the students who took part in the SUMMER CAMP 2018 and went home learning new skills. We hope that these skills remain with them all their lives!