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Facing the Fears is an Important Lesson to be Taught to Kids

“Many times, the thought of fear itself is greater than what it is we fear.” In the studies of psychology, it is often said that we end up building a stronger fear towards what is unknown than that of a mindful or known fear. Any fear that remains popping in our mind tends to absorb more power day by day and finally take the shape of anxiety, distress, or even terror. As stated by eminent psychologists, fears do not always require a reason to appear, and they can turn up at any age, at any time, irrespective of any mishap or disaster, just like any other mental disruption.

Fears of several aspects can develop in a person at an early age and even during childhood. Though the stage of childhood does not usually let the concept of fear binge in a child’s mind and it is primarily due to their inability to analyze what could be bad or good for them. However, just when they start to gain an understanding of the world, this is when the real fears begin to grow. This is the age when children gradually develop abilities to understand, critically view, and judge the environment they dwell in. This is when if the negative emotions, inner fears, and anxiety are not controlled and managed, they can impose adverse effects on the young and fledgling minds. In fact, dismays, traumas, fears, or any sort of negative emotions that are left unaddressed can significantly affect the academic, intellectual, and personal excellence of a child. Failing to tackle and face their inner fears can hinder anything that is ahead. Whether it is about achieving any small milestone or a larger goal, peace of mind and mental stability are highly essential, which may get destroyed bit by bit if the invading fears are not controlled. Let’s take a much more profound look on this subject in this article below and discuss why isit important for our young ones to fight their fears.

Let the kids know that fears and negative emotions are nothing unusual

‘Fearless’ is probably a fictitious term to describe your personality when you are a living being walking on earth. Each and every human is born with senses, and one of the strongest senses are fears. Fearing any entity, object, situation, or simply your own life is nothing unusual. Fear itself is nothing to be afraid of but what it needs is the right kind of control from your side. It is important to help your child face their fears in the first place so that they get to know of them. Many a time, elders try to distract the child from what they are afraid of by engaging them in something they like. The particular act might be effective for the moment but not for the long-term.

For instance, if your child is petrified of the public transport, instead of making him/her avoid it, use opportunities to avail the same as much as possible. Fears and phobias dwell deep in every human mind, but the key lies in how you overcome the same. If you let your child to keep running from his/her fears and never face the same, then such fears are more likely to remain in mind and rule till the old age and your kid will then never be able to get over it even when completely matured.

Teach them to use their fears to emerge as more confident faces in the future

Psychologists state that one emotion drives another emotion. If each of the emotions is not untangled and taken control of, it can lead to a significant problem in the later part of the child’s life. Important psychological researches say that a person’s performance in academics, or even in the extra-curricular activities for that matter, is directly proportional to his/her inner-fears. Negative emotions like a phobia, insecurity, social anxiety, extreme shyness, uneasiness are some of the major causes of failure and lacking. These emotions tend to overwhelm the fragile mindset of a child causing them to bottle-up negativities that are often reflected in the pragmatic deeds of everyday life. Hence, needless to say, confronting fears is the best way to use them against themselves.

We, at the JP International School, recognized as the Top International CBSE School in Greater Noida, believe that helping children to face their darkest fears and making them the master of their own minds is the best duty that we, the parents and mentors, can ever accomplish as responsible adults. At JPIS, we help our students by first of all trying to understand their perspectives. We know that overreacting does not help. Next, we point out the reality and encourage them to face their worst fears. We believe that if the parents and the teachers stand as their biggest support while the kids are trying to conquer their fears, it can help them significantly in overcoming even the biggest of their fears. We, at JPIS, Noida, believe that for true growth of children, it is crucial that they are nurtured from the roots, and that can happen only when confidence and contentment replace fears.