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Five Reasons Why Lifestyle Diseases are on a Rise

Owing to the growing urbanization, technological developments, fast-paced life, and dietary changes, society has undergone quite a sea change, particularly in terms of health and lifestyle. This has consequently contributed to the rise of so many lifestyle diseases. Unlike the past decade when the country was witnessing a health crisis from the scourge of malnutrition and unsanitary conditions, in the coming years, the sedentary lifestyle and richer diets are more likely to affect the population, giving rise to obesity-related illness and chronic lifestyle NCDs.

The increasing life expectancy, population growth, along with poor lifestyle choices are few of the potential factors contributing to the existing burden of lifestyle diseases, and this especially holds true for the young generation. Discussed further in this article are the top reasons owing to which the lifestyle diseases are on a constant rise:

Unhealthy diet choices:

First and foremost reason that is connected with NCDs is our food and lifestyle, and that’s exactly why they are called lifestyle diseases. Everything from unhealthy ‘fast foods’ to drug use, drinking, smoking, and overuse of alcohol can take a toll on health, contributing to chronic lifestyle diseases. Our choice of food matters a lot, and if your diet is not well-balanced, it could lead to several health problems. Best CBSE school in Noida It is important to avoid foods with too many calories, and rather intake foods that are cooked in a healthy manner and retains nutrition.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

In addition to poor diet and lack of nutrition, lack of physical activity is yet another important reason for lifestyle diseases. A sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of many chronic medical conditions and diseases to affect people at a very young age. Many lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and many heart and gastrointestinal diseases, in fact, emerge as a result of a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle. Regular exercising, walking, stress management techniques, and other appropriate interventions, along with healthy lifestyle modifications, can improve health outcomes for those prone to common chronic diseases.

Drugs and Alcohol Overuse:

Some of the unhealthy habits such as drugs abuse, overuse of alcohol, smoking, and other such habits can negatively impact health leading to the emergence of several lifestyle diseases. Apart from affecting the body physically, it can also lead to chronic stress, hypertension, and other psychological disorders. Making healthy modifications to your routine and behavioral changes can bring improvements to physical and mental health.

Rising Levels of Stress:

The urbanization and fast-paced lifestyle have brought in with it rising academic pressures and hectic schedules that stress the body and mind. More and more stress can cause damage to health, and without proper venting or stress management, it can lead to many health issues. The increasing stress at workplace, family commitments, and not managing the stress properly is all collectively making lifestyle diseases to increase among the kids in urban areas. Anything from music or any hobby to relaxing activities can help relieve stress to a greater extent.

Inadequate Sleep:

Lack of sleep is a common issue among the younger generation. Studies show that an inadequate amount of sleep is often linked to a host of lifestyle diseases. Best boarding school in Delhi It is thus important to manage a healthy life routine that includes proper sleeping patterns so that you get enough sleep to keep the body and mind healthy.

Lifestyle diseases are on the rise, and they are affecting not just adults but children too. Obesity and even diabetes are affecting children in recent years. Lack of nutrition and poor diet, when combined with low levels of activity, can lead to the development and progression of such chronic lifestyle diseases in children. It is hence extremely necessary to encourage the kids to follow healthful behaviors and go for balanced nutritious meals to prevent any sort of medical conditions that would lead to chronic lifestyle diseases.

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