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Games to Foster Problem Solving Skills in Children

Generally, when encountered with problems, most of the kids react with spontaneousemotions rather than logical thinking. This is because they are not exposed to adequate problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills relate to cognitive development in a child, encompassing all areas of their emotional, creative, and social learning.

Does your child become overwhelmed by problems too? Does he/she rebel or withdraw from it? If so, your child needs to be explicitly taught about the problem-solving skills that lead to rational thinking, which is an important component of successful endeavors.

It is importantthat children acquire problem-solving skills right from their early stages of lifeso that they can deal with the pressures and problems around them effectively as they grow up.Exercises and activities that challenge their thinking abilities serve to improve their logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.You will be surprised at what some of the simple, yet effective old-fashioned games can do to your kids’ development. Such games are more like educational activities that engage the children in a fun and non-threatening manner, thereby enriching their learning process, enhancing their understanding, and most importantly, letting them practice the much-needed life skills.

To improve problem-solving skills, children need to have the right blend of adept creative and critical thinking skills. It is necessary that theyare enabled to practice different aspects of rational problem-solving methods through creative/critical thinking. Here are a few interesting games and activities that can help develop the problem-solving skills of children in the most positive manner.

Activities that Promote Creative Thinking in Kids:

Activities that induce creative thinking in children help them practice the ability to see problems from many different perspectives. This helps them generate new ideas, do things in a different manner, and use resources in unique ways.

  • Word games are effective to improve children’s creative thinkingas it encourages to connect their imagination with learned concepts and make creative associations among different elements. There are different kinds of word gamesplayed dually or in groups and the options are endless. Let them create words with letters, or connect relating words, or find the preceding words, and so on.
  • Visual thinking games also promote creative thinking in children, enabling them to solve problems with shapes and forms. This method encourages the use of visualization and imagination. One of the ways to stimulate visual thinking is to use abstract images and allow children to discuss what they see.
  • Drawing games are also one of the most significant creative activity that offersthe benefits of both word games and visualization games. Children can be involved to play with endless subjects and riddles using visual cues. Drawing games like ‘squiggles’ extends the child’s ability to imagine and explore possibilities to build or alter shapes in the drawings.
  • Pretend play is yet another game that improves the child’s understanding of the world and the problems in it. It helps develop not only imagination and problem-solving skills but also language, social skills, and emotional skills.

Activities that Promote Critical Thinking in Kids:

Creative thinking, when combined with critical thinking,is what makes a child an efficient problem-solver. Activities that develop critical thinking ability in children allow them to break down a problem into simpler parts and analyze it critically. This way, children learn the skillsto sort, classify, and compare the similarities and differences between different ideas so that they can end up with a logical solution.

  • Treasure Hunt or Scavenger hunt games are a great way to build up critical thinking andproblem-solving skills in children. It teaches kids how to work together in teams to find the solution for each clue.
  • Crosswords, picture puzzles, and other riddles allowfine-tuning the thinking abilitiesof the little ones through visual cues. Putting together a puzzle helps children to challenge their intellect and thus boost their thought process.
  • Brain-boosting games like phonic fun and charades require keen observation skillsand analysis and interaction abilities that help to develop communication and decision-making skills in children. It also helpsrefine brainstorming abilities in children and increase their confidenceand spontaneity.

We, at the JPInternational School, understand the importance of teaching problem-solving skills to children and are way forward in making it happen through fun games and interactive activities in class. We, being one of the Top Schools of Greater Noida, regularly involve our students in age-appropriate events that train them to be creative, logical, and resilient. There are also workshops conducted to enhance the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of children to build a strong basis to develop problem-solving ability in them.

Overall, JPIS aims to instill valuable skills in children to help them grow into competent problem solvers and creative adults in the future ahead, and our entire pedagogy is directed at making this happen.