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Healthy Packing is as important as Healthy Food

One of the facts that are widely proclaimed by nutritionists and child psychologists around the world is the importance of packing a healthy lunch. It goes without saying that the lunch packed for your child must have all the crucial nutrients that not just satiate his/her hunger but also helps the kid to stay healthy and active. In the bid to pack a healthy lunch, one of the factors that are often overlooked is the importance of packing the meal in a healthy way.

Truth be told, very few of the parents actually understand and consider the quality of the packing material or the importance of it when they pack the lunch for their kids for school. Proper packaging is not just crucial for ensuring that the food stays safe from germs and microbes but also to make sure that the food does not get contaminated in any possible way. We, at JP International School, one of the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida,have always taken an active interest in the health and wellness of our students as we believe that a healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. We have seen that children, who are fit, in the true sense of the term, are naturally ableto excel in all the arenas, from academics to sports. The following are some of the key points that we advise every parent to keep in mind when packing lunchboxes for their young ones:

Always use food grade containers

We recommend the parents always to check if the lunch containers that they are using for the children are food grade and BPA free. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, and it may seep into the food in the containers leading to adverse effects on the behavior, brain, and prostate glands. BPA can also lead to an increase in the blood pressure of children. Thus, it is essential that before purchasing the lunch box for your child, you do ensure that it is BPA free and is of a food grade. It is generally written either on the label of the container or on the bottom of it.

Never pack very hot food in plastic boxes

When you pack food items that are very hot in plastic lunchboxes, it heats up the box as well. According to scientists, plastic releases harmful chemicals 55 times faster than usual when it gets heated. The chemicals thus released into the food can lead to the growth of cancer cells in the body. Women and children are especially at risk, in this case.Also, be aware that you should avoid puttinga plastic lunchbox in the microwave just because it says “microwave safe.” That label only means that it will not warp under heat but not that it will stop leaching chemicals.

Take care of the choking hazard for small kids

When you are packing lunch for small kids, be very careful about the packaging of the food. Kids, as we know, are always playful by nature and most of them are in a hurry to finish off their lunch and go out to play with their classmates. Small plastic pouches or cling film wraps can act as choking hazard to the kids who might accidentally ingest it in a bid to finish off the lunch as quickly as possible.

Check to avoid leakage from the containers

Many of the lunch containers look sturdy and tough from the outside, but the leakage starts after you pack the lunch in your child’s bag and sent him/her off to school. The juices from the packed food start leaking everywhere in the bag and create a mess. However, it is not just the mess that you need to worry about. The leakage also means that the box does not close properly and that creates an easy pathway for the germs to enter the food. Check properly to ensure that the lid of the box shuts tightly and there is no spillage from anywhere.

We, at JPIS, Noida, believe that the health of childrenshould always be treated on top priority as good health is the prime necessity that lays a foundation for their bright future.It is hence important that along with adults, children are also made aware of the various facts and precautions regarding their health so that they can take the right steps themselves as well.We are very much concerned about the health and overall well-being of our pupils and thus also follow a FitKid program at school. An experienced and qualified nutritionist spearheads the program,and it aims to achieve optimum nutritional status in the kids by equipping them with the necessary knowledge of nutrition, health, and hygiene. It aligns with our focus of empowering each child with not just the academic know-how but also in the matters of their health and wellness.