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How Storytelling can help Children to be Successful

Storytelling is one of the most beautiful and exciting activities that can help childrento develop their imagination and gain a perspective of the world that we live in. In our childhood, we have all been exposed to many folklore and storytelling sessions by our parents, grandparents, and even the teachers that left us imagining about fantastical things and develop an acute love for such stories.  Children naturally have this immense affection towards stories. They love listening to them while getting lost in the narratives. However, besides the charm of the stories, do you know there is another powerful angle to it? Storytelling can immensely help children in being successful at academics and in other facets of life as well.

Itplays a significant role in the development of the intellect in children. It is a unique way that can help them to understand, appreciate,respect, and acknowledge the different cultures. It can also help to develop a positive attitude towards life lessons and learn the basis of morality that is essential for a healthy life. It helps them gain an innate knowledge of the environment to which they belong. Some of life’s most important lessons are learned through such stories of adventure, daring, and ethics that serve to shape the views and perceptions of the young minds, thereby contributing to their cognitive development. Listed below are some of the key advantages that participating in storytellingactivities can bring for children.

Helps to ImproveCommunication and InteractionAbilities: Apart from helpingthe children to gain a positive attitude in life, storytelling activities also serve to expand their vocabulary and grip on words. It also makesthem progressively slanted to verbalize their contemplations and emotions in a better way. It helps them to figure out how to utilize distinctive voices for the diverse characters by modifying the pitch, speed of articulation, and volume. With time, their pronunciation and elocution will make strides. Alongside talking, the listening abilities of kids will likewise enhance as they embrace different approaches to state a similar story over and over again. An enhancement in any one dialect ability, for the most part, prompts the improvement of the others. Thus, soon you will see a refinement in your kid’s phrasing and composing capacities too.

Enhancesand Polishes their Intellectual Abilities: Recollecting and rehashing stories fortifies your youngster’s memory aptitudes. Additionally, mapping and envisioning the plot of stories in his/her mind will upgrade his/herimaginative skills. These will subliminally impact the manner in which he/she approaches and examines a particular narrative. Besides, retelling stories in their very own words will help to expandtheartistic ability and creative skills as well. Furthermore, the capacities to comprehend and understand such stories will furnish them with the aptitude to deal with real life events in an effective manner.

Caters to Mold the Identity: Storytelling helps the children to better understand how the world around us functions. Having an assortment of individuals and role-play of fictional characters will empower them to associate with various age-gatherings and individuals from different backgrounds. It will ingrain in them the capacity to connect with and support the enthusiasm of audience members. Additionally, narrating stories will also help tofurnish the kids with the capacity to build an identity of their own. All in all, it serves to advance their growth into energetic, inquisitive, and capable individuals.

Builds Social Awareness: Society owes a ton to the art of narratingstories that have kept the century-old folklores alive. From time immemorial, stories have always employed considerably more power than talks and addresses. Extraordinary pioneers use stories to express what is on their mind to the majority. Your kid’s narrating also can fill in as their vehicle of contribution to add to the network and society.

Children have an inborn love for stories. Stories make enchantment and a feeling of marvel in the world. Stories show us life, about ourselves and others. Therefore we at J.P. International School, one among the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida,emphasize on encouraging and instilling the skill of storytelling in children, which can serve as an excellent route for them to build up an understanding of the world around them. To enable our pupils to learn and master the art of storytelling, we, at JPIS, regularly organize storytelling activities and competitions among our students so that they not only learn the nitty-gritty of storytelling but also gain immensely from the same.