JPIS – Enabling Students to Evolve as Global Citizens

Education lays down the foundation of the future in every student’s life. With time, the approach towards the methodologies and implementations related to the education system has changed to make it more adaptable for the students. The add-ons to the stream of knowledge in terms of the technological advancements and research-based value additions have made the requirements of the education industry different. Standing in the middle of the times ruled by gadgets and technology along with globalized opportunities of learning, the education system must include the pros and cons of advancements into its periphery. Here comes the relevance of rearing up a child as a global citizen to empower him/her with the excellence and flexibility to cope up with the rapidly changing surroundings.

Making the Global Barriers Indistinct

With the progressive advancements around the educational corner, pursuing a career has become a global phenomenon. A student completing the courses gets enough opportunity to either try his/ her luck within the boundaries of his native land or abroad. As far as the excellence and efficiency are concerned, the market has adapted to a much general trend to reap the best out it. A student sitting at a distant corner of East can easily get interviewed by a giant corporate from the West using the internet facilities, and this is where the necessity to live up to the international standards comes into being. An institution, well-equipped with the infrastructural facilities and a pool of coveted teachers is a must to groom your child as a global citizen of tomorrow. We, at the JP International School, have enabled our operations with updated technological applications and global standard facilities to better facilitate the students with a comprehensive and focused learning environment with no gaps concerning the international standards.

Library and Excursions are Immensely Helpful

Exposure to the outer world is a critical element in managing the skills to develop as per global trends. As a student approaches the professional life during the later phase of education or opts for higher education in some foreign University, it is of paramount importance that the student has the ability to get mingled with the different layers of the foreign culture, education, and lifestyle. The background work for the same can only be done by the school he/she has attended earlier in his/her life. The school that a student attends holds a significant role in shaping up his/ her future in the right way. Since growing up and gathering subject specific knowledge is no longer enough, grooming a child as a global citizen is important, and this is exactly what we, at JPIS, lay due emphasis on.

How JPIS Aids Students Grow into Global Citizens

JPInternational School is an institution that fosters the holistic development of childrenright from the very first day they step into our campus. Partnering with Mogly’s to make learning fun for the young minds and to get them introduced to our culture and heritage of their native land is one of our crucial steps taken towards the mission of enabling the transformation of young minds into well-groomed, responsible, global citizens. The DECA model followed at JPIS enables the students through the practical ways of learning following the path of discovery, explore, connect, and apply. Away from the conventional textbook curriculums, JPIS encourages the students to invent their ways of learning which is a method followed worldwide.JPIS believes in the pedagogy of learning by doing. Along with the classroom teachings, the practical sessions at the well-facilitated laboratories of JPIS makes learning as simple as a daily chore, and the knowledge gained thereby is never forgotten. All the classes at JPIS are equipped with technology-driven smart boards for more accessible and comprehensive learning. Moreover, various clubs at JPIS and the regular excursions organized by the school authorities keep the students ahead of others in terms of ability to adapt to the surroundings.

If you wish to guarantee a bright future for your child, it is imperative to ensure that you give him/her the power of right education that will spontaneously lay the path of success ahead. At JPInternational School, the Best International CBSE School in Greater Noida, we deliver the knowledge wrapped with relevance. A bright life thereby as a global citizen is ensured with the constant efforts of our faculty members and the excellent infrastructural facilities imbibed with the operations.