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Let Your Kids Unleash the True Power of Quality Education at JPIS

Quality education refers to a system of learning that automatically drives the children towards it without even realizing that they are putting some effort to learn. It makes the entire process of learning easier and entertaining for young minds. During the foundation years, education should be catered to the children in a way that it becomes a part of their daily life, or else, kids may show rigidity towards the process of learning. It is essential that education is provided to the children in friendly ways to make them understand that this is nothing to be scared of. Once, a child becomes afraid of the process of learning, there is a certain amount of negativity that grows inside him/her regarding education which should be strategically avoided by the institution in concern. JPInternational School is a name that stands for quality education. At JPIS, every child is treated individually to focus on their unique abilities and to encourage the inherent talents they have.This candid approach makes learning at JPIS fun for children and ropes them into the process of learning without any fuss. Here are some of the most contemporary techniques and facilities adopted at JPIS that have served to raise the bar of education standards:

Value Education

JPIS provides value education to the kids in its truest sense as a part of teaching the young minds the heritage and cultural value of our traditions and history. Interesting storytelling sessions with explanations of the moral values associated with them, make these classes entertaining and enriching for the children. Partnered with the Mogly’s, these classes introduce the basic conceptions of natural elements, divine virtues, festivals, and diversities to the kids. Since extended through interactive learning, all these topics appear to be exciting to the kids making them get a grasp over these, minus any hassle.

Centre of Vocational Education

The school also nurtures a vocational training centre that enables the kids to learn practical things beyond textbook learning. This also helps in encouraging the special talents that the children have in them. Apart from the regular curriculum activities, these vocational education classes make learning more enjoyable for the children and help to retain their interest in education that otherwise would have been difficult.

Club Activities

Building a sense of teamwork and coordination is of paramount importance when it comes to imparting quality education to the children. The best way to involve the kids in teamwork is to let them do some activity together, and this is what is precisely done in the clubs at JPIS.  We understand the value of teamwork and make our pupils learn the same from their foundation days.

Smart Classes

Every classroom at JPIS has a smart class set up that helps in maintaining the classes eco-friendly and free from chalk dust. The technology-driven classes attempt to make the children familiar with the latest trends. Smart classes promote a hassle-free education system with comprehensive learning that makes the process of education appealing to the children that in turn kindle the light of interest in them.

The Laboratories and the DECA model

At JPIS,one of the Top CBSEResidential Schools in Noida, we have an innovative DECA model based on the four pillars of discover, explore, connect, and apply. This enables the children to get connected with the basic laws of nature and helps them gain an insight into the fundaments of the world. By practicing this theory of DECA model, the students at JPIS acquire an analytical power that helps them in future to cope up with difficult topics needing more of logical understanding. Learning by doing is the pedagogy that we believe in at JPIS. An updated laboratory facility complements the textbook learning at the classrooms to render the students a more precise and in-depth understanding of the topic.

Education stands as the foundation of future life, and this is the key reason why every parent wishes to give the best education to their children. JPIS is an institution that promises to keep up with the expectations of the parents in making the children competitive and learned enough to be ahead of others.  We believe in catering quality education to all the children to ensure a bright future for all of them.