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Letting Kids Step Out of the Comfort Zone is Necessary

The complete growth potential of a child can only be realized if the path of progress is made free and unfenced. If a young mind is not allowed to think beyond the stereotypes, it would never get nourished to the maximum extent. It is in freedom from regularity where lays the potential of innovation and progress. If you want your child to grow into an individual with theability to realize his/her own dreams, it is critical that you at first let your kid step out of the comfort zone. It is the challenges, the hurdles, and the struggles that sharpen the power hidden inside every human being. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you let the children go out of the easy zone and let them face the real world. All of us are born with the natural instinct to overcome any situation, even or odd, and it is a few little steps that can be helpful in maintaining this natural potential to shape the future well. Here are some of the reasons why we, at JP International School, believe that all of us should encourage children to step out of the limits of comfort zone rather than loading them up with restrictions.

Exploration enhances creativity

If a child is allowed to think and act beyond the comfort limits, it is obvious that during the initial phases, the child will face some difficulties arising out of the uncongenial surroundings. But, the best part is that the child will also learn to make ways out of it as providing solution to every problem is an inherent quality that every child is born with. When you let your child deal with problems on their own, it only sharpens the skill more and makes them ready for the future life. Thus, it also promotes creativity as every fresh idea that sprouts in the little mind to get over any difficulty or situation is nothing but creativity in the mind’s corner.

Improves analytical power

When a child leads a happy and secured life sitting at the back of the comfort zone, he/she hardly gets exposed to real-life struggles. This, in turn, gradually rusts his/her ability to analyze a situation to handle it with wit and efficiency. But, when the path of growth is set to freedom, hardships also find their way into the life, and it gets the child armored with the skills to analyze and make things go the right way. As adults, we all need to handle problems, challenges, and difficulties of multiple types throughout our lives, and if the children are not taught to handle the same from the early days, they might face severe difficulties in later life.

Helps one realize the best of his/her potential

If everything is made available to you, you would not spare any effort to get things on your own. Hence, comfort zones never teach a kid to give its best to accomplish something. It is the world beyond the comfort zone that compels investment of the full potential of a child in order to achieve something, which, in turn, makes the kids confident and self-dependent.

Helps to learn the art ofembracing risks

If you have not crossed the limits of comfort, you would not be brave enough to take risks and think out of the way. We believe that as parents and teachers, we all should encourage the kids to think beyond whatever has already been said and done, which also helps to ignite the innovative impulse in each child. There is always a risk factor associated with every new aspect, and it is the courage to accept that risk that ultimately fetches success in the future.

We, at JP International School, recognized as the Best CBSESchool in Noida, believe that every individual, be it an adult or a child, should have the freedom of expression, attitude, and thinking. But for us to fully explore this freedom of ours and thereby unveil our true potential, it is necessary that we come out of our respective comfort zones and embrace life as it comes to us. At JPIS, we have aligned our pedagogy, learning approaches, and curriculum in such a manner so as to ensure an open-minded learning environment that encompasses no restrictions in it. We let the young minds bloom into flowers of different shades, shapes, and fragrances,allowing individuality for all.