Powerful Revision Tips to Help Kids Excel in Exams

Education is a process of learning, and examinations are the yardstick through which the level of preparedness is generally measured. Even though we all appreciate the fact that school days are the best days of our life, the examination days are seldom counted within those sweet memories. However, being an exam ready is a must for every kid. The competitive edge that the learners attain in exams over others gives them the mileage that in turn helps them to reach the pinnacle of successinlife ahead. We, at JP International School, believe that when it comes to excelling in exams, one thing that for sure is inevitably important is the revision. No matter how prepared you are for your examinations, the last lap of revision matters a lot when it comes to completing the studies in anarticulate way. It is the revision that gives the finishing touch to the preparations and helps you move ahead with sheer confidence. Here, we have jotted down some powerful tips that can make the revision phase effective and help you gain success with high scores in exams.

Plan Well

When you still have time to prepare, it is best to start the revision in a planned manner and get it done as a groundwork. Take out ample time and do proper segregation of the difficult and easy topics to accommodate each of the subjects well. Write the timetable properly on a paper and get it hanged on a prominent space where you can see it every time. This acts as a stimulus to the subconscious mind to get ready for the upcoming examinations.

Identify the Right Process

Every child is different and has his/her unique way of grasping things and learning.  If one process works for one child, it is not necessary that the same will do for another. Hence, it is imperative that you find the right process for your child. It should be ideally the one that you kid finds to be easier to cope up with the subjects. Conclusive discussions with motivating words can be a good booster to your child and can also help you assess the right process for him/her.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude Matters a Lot

While preparing your child for the last lap of revision, it is important that none of your words reflect any negativity. Even if you find that the preparation so far has not been up to the mark, inspire your child with positive words so that he or she gets the energy to push it through. Positive psychology always helps a child to get over the drawbacks and look forward which is crucial before exams. Moreover, parental guidance and a positive attitude will set good examples for the child to follow in the future.

Focus on Nutrition

The days before the exams are tedious and need lots of energy for relentless studies. Healthy food and drinks can be a good way to keep your child healthy throughout the time and help him/her in maintaining a good concentration level.  Cereals, nuts, fruits, green vegetables, green tea, dark chocolate are some of thefood items that are good to eat and are equally good for health.  Ripe bananas and sunflower seeds are known to help in increasing a brain chemical called dopamine that helps in improving concentration in kids.

Choose the Right Place to Study

Concentration is the key element for impeccable preparation. For effective revisions, it is essential that youprepare the coziest corner of the house as the study corner for your child. A well organized and tidy place is a prerequisite for the ambiance to be supportive of good preparation. Try attaching notes on the wall related to important dates, events, formula, etc. to make sure that the eyes always fall on them. This serves to hammer the information automatically whenever your child looks at it.

Breaks are important

Like every other part of the body, the brain also has its capacity to perform at a go. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you allow your child to take short breaks during the study time. This will keep him/her refreshed for long. Besides, it will improve the concentration and will help in maintaining the energy level.  A little time spent outdoors will be of great importance during the study hours.

We, at the JP International School, ranked among the Top Ranked Schools in Greater Noida, firmly believe in the power of revisions for improving the grades in examinations. It has been proved that students who revise the topics well before exams perform far better than those who skip the revision phase.We hence always advise our students as well as the parents to plan and structure thepreparations in such a way that everything is covered well and there is hardly any scope left for the students to miss out on anything that is important for the examinations.We recommend the parents to remain proactive during the revision phase as this helps to motivate the kids to give their best during the revisions and eventually during the exams. With impeccable preparations, we are sure each student can excel in the examinations