Practical Strategies to Bust Examination Stress

The exam time is here again. And though exam fever is a typical scenario among most school going children these days, it is this stress related to examinations, which workas a negative impulse and has the potential to adversely affect the performance of children during exams. Even if you are completely prepared for the examination and has not left anything from the syllabus untouched, stress can still engulf you owing to the following factors:

  • Low level of confidence
  • High expectations
  • Edgy competition

This is where fighting the odds and making a smooth way to the examination hall is important for delivering your best in the examination. Do not let the stress take away your peace of mind prior to the examinations. Here are some practical ways that can help you in keeping the stress away:

Keep your mind fresh

Examination times demand a lot of attention and concentration from the students. However, relentless practicing and learning can make your brain feel exhausted, which in turn may cause you a lot of stress. Hence, allowing your brain to breathe and relax is equally important. Several studies have shown that a little relaxation makes the brain work more efficiently and empowers it with the ability to endure through long sessions of brainstorming. Listening to light music during the study intervals can be very effective in managing the stress and helping your mind turn more active and agile.

Take short walks during the free times

The eternal connection between physical activities and studies can hardly be denied. Owing to the inseparable connection between body movements and attention levels, yoga has always been a suggested way to boost concentration. Studies reveal that as the body moves, the blood circulation shoots up and this, in turn, makes the brain more active with an enhanced level of oxygen getting supplied to the brain. Hence, just because there is an exam the next day, confining yourself within the boundaries of the room is not going to help. Instead, do take short breaks to walk a mile. This will have an immediate positive effect on your energy levels, brain agility, and concentration power, and will keep the stress elements away by managing your free radicals as well.

Make a personalized plan for your studies

You are yourself your best judge to understand what you are good at and what you are not. You can accordingly plan a calculated timetable allocating more time to the subjects that you think you are a little weak at and less to the ones you think you are well prepared with. This will eventually land you on a platform of equal preparation for all the subjects. This approach is also effective in boosting your confidence level. Once your confidence is up, the stress level will automatically go down.

Ensure that you get ample sleep

Sleep is a must for your brain. No matter how hard you make your brain work throughout the day, if you do not allow the healthy hours of sleep to it, the brain will be exposed to the threat of gaining fatigue, making your memory power to go weak. Hence, if memory and concentration are your priorities before the examinations, never compromise with the hours of sleep. A sound sleep rejuvenates the mind and does away with the wear and tear of the entire day rendering a fresh life to it. If your brain is fatigued, stress will become an unavoidable virtue.

Fight the hormones that cause stress

Stress, being a biological phenomenon, is surely backed by some of the physiological elements. The hormone called cortisol is the prime factor behind the generation of stress. Studies reveal that cocoa has the natural power to fight cortisol making the stress levels go down in your mind. Dark chocolate is a rich source of cocoa and can be a means to get rid of the stress-demon.

You should keep yourself away from distractions

Examinations fetch you grades and the grades endow you with the power to beg good jobs in the future. Hence, your career forward depends on how well you deliver your exams now. It is thus important that you treat the examination time with much seriousness and keep away from any distractions that may come in the way of your preparations. Smartphones, although a rich source for information to all of us, can be a major distraction while preparing for the exams. Even those few minutes that you take out to browse through the internet or log in to your social media pages, club to waste a lot of your time and energy.

We, at the JP International School, recognized as the Best CBSE International School in Greater Noida, very well understand that stress is quite a common phenomenon during exams, but it is crucial that students get over it to deliver to their fullest potential. We, at JPIS, have always kept this aspect into consideration and have hence always ensured that our pedagogy and teaching pedagogies turn learning into fun. The friendly environment and the experienced teachers boast the way of interactive learning that makes study fun to the students. Hence, stress is never on their mind when they are with us. The practical classes and eco-friendly ways to learn, encourage the students to acquire practical knowledge and confidence in whatever they do. Paving glorious path of success for every student at JP International, we believe in nothing short of the best.