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Raising Kids with a Knack for Creative Writing

In the rapidly changing environment of the education system where every child is exposed to the uneven competition that is forcefully raged amongst the young minds to win the rat race, the tender vibes of creativities pertaining to the course of learning are just fading away. As far as the purpose of learning and education is concerned, nurturing and polishing the creative genius that resides in every child should be the motto for any academic institution. Here, at JP International School, we believe in encouraging the creative skills of each child mind which lay a strong foundation for them while going up the ladder of success in their professional life.

Pioneers in the education system, Rabindra Nath Tagore himself once quoted in one of his timeless writings related to his childhood that when he was a child, he had the freedom to make his own toys out of trifles and create his own games from imagination. This freedom to imagine and scribble down the thoughts in a coherent manner develops the cognitive skills of children and helps them to grow despite of any psychological shambles and inhibitions. When a child delves into thinking, no matter how bizarre it might appear to a matured mind, it helps the young ones to develop a sense of analysis and add artistic value to a mundane thing. With the alarming rise in mechanized processes related to lifestyle and education, it has become imperative to keep up and protect the creativity of the young minds to foster the human touch. Hence, raising your kids with a vision to help them grow with their creative writing tendencies will not only benefit their curricular activities but will help them grow as better human beings.

The related advantages of creative writing

Even if you do not wish your child to pursue creative writing as a full-time career option in future, it is important that being responsible parents, you impart ample support while they make an attempt to write a story or an essay. When a child thinks of an event or subject and writes on the same completely on his/her own, it reflects the kid’s ability to understand, analyze, draw conclusions, and imagine. Even if we look at the whole matter in terms of academics, being capable of writing on any given topic always gives children an edge over others.

Keeping the overwhelming importance of creativity in learning and writing, we, at JP International School, have devised our special system called DECA model. This refers to a series of activities like Discover, Explore, Connect, and Apply to lead to the achievement of a cohesive end. We also conduct club activities as a part of our co-scholastic and extra-curricular activities to encourage the spark of creativity among the burgeoning brains. In every parent-teacher meeting, we encourage parents to take care of this habit of creative writing at home to maintain the harmony between what is taught back at school and what is being exercised at home.

Help your kids to walk the extra miles

Putting up with creative writing is largely a matter of regular practice. It not only boosts the thought process of children but also augments their concentration power which in turn helps in their studies as well. To support the instinct of a child of being creative often calls for some additional activities that in turn help them to nurture creative ideas in their young minds. Taking them out to experience the nature, allowing them to read books that are not text but simple story books, and appreciating their opinion on any matter as and when required can lift the spirit of the kids making them more confidentindividuals in life. Regular practice of creative writing also promotes the artistic values and add to the expressions exerted by children which pave the way to a better future. Writing on the different subject matter can also help children to maintain sound mental health along with a stout emotional and physical health.

We, at JP International School, one among the Top 10 CBSESchools in Greater Noida, are firm believers in the power of quality education and give much importance to the creative writing processes involved in the learning courses. Through our international tie-ups and the opportunity to win The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, we provide our pupils with a platformto explore new horizons beyond just formal education. We strongly recommend active participation of students in the co-curricular activities which we believe is very important for their holistic growth. Every parent of today can raise their children to become a human of empathy and compassion just by supporting their kids to grow with the knack of roping in words in their own way.