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Raising Patriotic Young Minds is a Duty Every Parent Owes to the Nation

Patriotism is all about the love, loyalty, and respect towards one’s motherland. Ideally, the sense of patriotism should be instilled right at the young ageas it goes a long way in raisingresponsible citizens of tomorrow. This way, when the kids grow up,they understand the value of their nation and remain driven towards doing more good for the same.

Raisingpatriotic young minds is a duty every parent owes to their nation. But having said that, it isn’t easy to just tell a young mind to respect the country, and make him/her do that. Since children are inquisitive by nature, they would need reasons to do that. And this is where the role of parents comes to the fore. It is crucial that parents introduce the kids to the great history of our country and the leaders we have had. Teaching them about the country, its traditions, and the values right since an early age would go a long way in building the feeling of patriotism in them.

Let us now have a look at some of the ways that parents can adopt to raise true patriots for the nation that we all can be proud of:

Create Awareness to Preserve History and Heritage

Our country is a land of rich cultural heritage, and it important that our young generation knows how to value the treasure that dates back to thousands of years. This can be done by repeatedly telling the kids about the ancient stories about our nation, and even taking them to archeological sites and historical places. This will helps to exemplify to them the cultural heritage of our nation. Visiting monuments of historical importance and museums and learning about the significance of those places will help them experience patriotic fervor.

Tell Them About the Sacrifices of Our People

Our nation’s independence struggle should not be just a part of their history subject. It should rather makethe children understand the sacrifice of our people. Tell them stories of our freedom fighters and let them know the values of sacrifice, valor, freedom, and self-respect. These stories will certainly inspire them and help develop patriotic feelings in them.

Instill Respect for the Nation & Its People

Children must learn the importance of our national symbols and should respect them. They must be taught to stand up whenever the national anthem is played and pay utmost respect to the same. Also, they should speak respectfully of our national leaders and ancestors. Parents should teach children to honor the soldiers who are serving on the borders to protect us. They must also be taught to respect the government laws and the citizenship rights we enjoy.This will instill and inspire in them national values, sense of sacrifice, and patriotic spirit.

Make Them Participate in Patriotic Activities

Parents should encourage children to take part in celebrations of national festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day. Participating in parades, flag hoisting events, and singing patriotic songs in ceremonies will let them develop a sense of patriotism and learn more about our nation.

We, at JP International School, recognized among the Top 10 Schools in Greater Noida, firmly believe that instilling the patriotic spirit in children is indeed essential for taking the country ahead in the years to come. When children understand the significance of their nation, they feel more inclined towards contributing to their communities and grow up to be active, responsible citizens. This is why we, at JP International School, always strive to instill in our pupils a patriotic fervor through regular celebration of national festivals and other activities. We always teach our students about the responsibilities they owe to the nation, and how being a good, responsible citizen will benefit them, their fellow human beings, and the entire nation as a whole. At JPIS, we are committed to raising responsible young minds and are seeking parental support to empower the kids to become the next generation of citizens we all can truly feel proud of!