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The Art of Gender Neutral Parenting

Gender plays an important role in determining several social dimensions. In our society and across the world, gender majorly has a binary system that accounts for male gender and female gender. Conventionally, a child is made to believe its gender according to its birth and seldom given a choice to decide it on its own. Moreover, stereotypes and prejudices also impact the response towards the genders leading to discrimination at different levels. Even within families, gender discrimination exists extensively, and the same can be eradicated only if every parent adopts the methods of gender-neutral parenting.

By gender-neutral parenting, we mean a way of parenting where no discrimination is made between a girl child and a boy child. Here, every child isover and above treated as a human being and exposed to the same and equal opportunities and facilities. Gender-neutral parenting is the most effective way to erase off the concept of gender bias from the face of society. At JP International School, we firmly believe that if every family engages in this practice, the society at large will shortly realize the benefits associated with it. Here are some ways through which parents can ensure gender-neutral parenting for their children, especially if they have kids of different genders.

Start with naming

The very first step that the parents can take toimplement gender-neutral parenting is to name the children neutrally. Some names remind us of feminine gender or masculine gender. Leaving such names behind, parents should focus on selecting a name for the baby, which is neutral in its essence and does not have its identity aligned with any specific gender.

Teaching the chores equally

While teaching the chores to the children, it is often seen that people distribute or categorize the works based on gender. For example, the girls are taught to wash clothes, wash dishes, cook food, and serve water while boys are taught to go to the market, fix leakages, etc. This distinction makes a clear gender orientation in the house, which must be avoided. We, at JPIS, believe that it is indeed essential that parents teach each of their child every chore of the household regardless of its gender.

Similar diet plans

Sometimes diet plans also vary from child to child depending on the gender. This must strictly be removed, and a balanced diet plan should be envisaged for every child at home. Different diet plans might compel the child to think of a biased attitude of parents. As far as growth requirements are concerned, it remains the same for both boys and girls. Hence the diet plan should also be similar for both the genders.

Paying equal attention and respect

Studies reveal that while a boy child is heard with much care, a girl child is often not given enough attention. This attitude towards children may create gender hostility and can turn out to be detrimental to the mental development of all the children. Children should be taught to respect each other and care for each other. If gender bias of any sort persists in the house ambiance, children will never learn to be free from age-old prejudices and stereotypes. Parents should be mindful enough to help the children grow in an open environment that supports progressive thinking.

We, at JP International School, recognized as one among the best boarding school in Delhi, believe that every child is a gift of nature, and regardless of gender, they hold enormous potential to do well in life.  Hence, it is necessary that focus is laid on the abilities of every child that can be groomed further to help them emerge as shining diamonds. At top boarding schools in delhi, our teachers treat every child equally and the team activities engage girls and boys in equal proportion to ensure no discrimination. No activity is kept gender-specific in our school. We allow each of our pupils to participate in every activity freely to keep them away from the gender bias stereotypes and grow well to their fullest potential.