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The Unique and Innovative Pedagogy at JPIS

There has been a paradigm shift in terms of the methodologies followed across the world for enhanced comprehension of the learning processes. As the societies, economies, and the technologies are evolving day by day and assuming new forms now and then, it is becoming increasingly important to merge the scope of education with the latest trends making the necessary changes incorporated within the length and breadth of the pedagogy of the basic education system. The innovative and inclusive methods of the education system encourage the students for holistic growth, and it always refers to impartation of knowledge that is beyond the textbooks and academics. We, at the JPInternational School, have maintained a progressive approach towards learning that helps in upholdinga perfect balance between traditional form of learning and the most contemporary and internationally accepted pedagogical approaches. Here is a brief idea of how JPIS is successfully keeping up with the pace with the global education world by adopting the most unique and innovative approaches to learning.

Crossover Learning

School education basically works to consolidate the entire frame of learning and makes more natural ways for young minds to understand them. Hence, if apart from the classroom education, students are also engaged in excursions, field trips, and out of the classroom activities at school, it serves to establish a connection between the general phenomenon of daily lives and the cognitive power of children to analyze, relate,and understand the concepts better. At JPIS, we have integrated the options like club activity, outdoor plans for students to better enable them with the ability to learn and implement the knowledge gathered thereby. This crossover learning empowers our students to get into the root of a subject, which eventually helps them to cope better with any topic.

Interactive Learning

Till a few decades back, the only way to interact in school was to answer the questions asked by the teachers. But the deviation from the conventional methods has enabled the students to be more open, more interactive in the school environment. This inclusive method of learning encourages the mental strength of the students and helps them gain confidence. Moreover, during the club sessions or quizzing times, students are allowed to argue over a variety of topics that enables them to have an in-depth understanding of the matter concerned and the opportunity to learn more from the opponents. The best part about such group discussions is that you get to know something that you might not be aware of before. We, at JPIS, have integrated multiple interactive sessions into our regular curriculum to help our pupils grow into independent, disciplined, creative, successful, honest, and humble human beings.

Our “Don’t Read Science; Do Science” Approach

Science is what happens all around us at every point of time. Hence the scope of learning science obviously exceeds the periphery of textbook knowledge. JPIS has an updated laboratory facility that introduces the students with the fundaments of science in real terms. Apart from the STEM subjects which are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, the perceptive group of JPIS teachers extend special classes on the arts subjects as well including those into the scope of real-time experiences. No matter which subject you are studying at JPIS, the practical approach to the learning methods will always ensure a better grasp of the subject concerned.

Holistic Learning

Agility of the brain is largely dependent on the body movements and the fitness level of a child. It has been proved by researchers that with action, the supply of oxygen to the brain increases considerably, making it function better. To take care of the fitness level of every child in our school, we, at JPIS, have established a dedicated department that takes care of the physical activities of the students. Along with the physical training and sports activities, the students also develop the skill of team handling and sportsman spirit that keeps them ahead of others in the long run by promoting their development holistically.

We, at the JPInternational School,one among the Top Schools in Greater Noida, believe in a child-centric approach of learning that encourages a better understanding of the individual skills and talents of each child. Our group of professional and caring teachers emphasizes on the individual nourishment of the young minds based on the analysis of their perspectives, talents, ideas, and learning styles. According to the unique needs of the students, we promote activities like creative classes, laboratory projects, art and music classes, and much more so that the students get complete support from our end and can come out with the best potential that they are holding within. We are proud to state that the unique and innovative pedagogy followed at JPIS has been consistently making learning easy and fun for children.