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Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

A preschool is the first step of a child’s educational journey. It is hence essential that the preschool you choose for your little angel offers the right platform for learning. Most parents are too thoughtful when it comes to pinpointing on the right preschool for their children. However, everyone considers different criteria for selecting the school, the most common being the locality, budget, facilities, etc. But are you sure you are not missing out on the most critical points that you should look for? In this article below, let us discuss the key aspects that you must never miss to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect preschool for your child.


Preschool education is a lot about skills and personality development of kids rather than just the academics. Preschool curriculum should thus include learning through play, hands-on activities, a whole lot of extra-curricular activities, sensory play, language experiences, and more, to let the tiny tots get fully immersed in the learning atmosphere. It is important that the school directs its playtime to make the children discover their own self and works towards honing their soft skills such as communication, social engagement, group play, co-operation, and more.

Approach towards children

The approach of the school towards dealing with the children is of utmost importance. The pedagogy and the teaching methodology they follow matters a lot in enhancing the child’s intellectual development. Ensure that the preschool is open to embrace the unique nature of your child, as only then will your child be able to adjust in the new environment.

Teacher-student bonding

Preschools are indeed the second home for the tiny tots. Hence, a preschool must be a place that is not only conducive to learning but a space for relationship-building where all physical and emotional needs are met. The bond between teachers and children plays a vital role in their cognitive and emotional development. The level of emotional support and behavioral guidance provided by the school and its staff should be high.


Last but not the least is the safety of your child. You have to take into account the safety measures within the school premises and look into the way how kids are handled at the pre-school. Looking at the current scenario where almost every single day we come across crimes against children, it is imperative that due emphasis is given to the safety and security of the young ones. We, at JP International School, recognized as one among the Best Schools in Greater Noida, provide a contemporary infrastructure with all the safety measures to ensure children are at safe hands while away from home.

The overall framework at JP International School, top boarding schools in greater noida has been designed to aptly cater to the pre-schooling needs of children. The structured and process-driven pedagogy ensures that the budding minds get a nurturing environment to grow in the right direction. Our curriculum focuses on the all-rounded, holistic development of children. We provide comprehensive, detailed, and child-centric lesson plans with focused workbooks, activities, and educational CDs that kindle the minds of young children. We have incorporated recreational activities, story-time, music, art and crafts practice, instructive exercises, games, and much more into the curriculum to keep up with the interests of preschoolers.

At JPIS, international schools in greater noida we have a highly professional and motivated team of teachers, who are competent, dedicated, and caring enough to teach the kids with utmost understanding and patience. The friendly and nurturing atmosphere provided by our teaching staff enables children to explore and express themselves freely in an emotionally sound and safe atmosphere. Our teachers bond well with the children and make them feel safe emotionally. They engage with the kids, crouch to their level, and encourage them to socialize and be inquisitive. We, at JPIS, have carved a child-friendly environment that infuses care and love in all the aspects of learning to satiate the inquisitive mind of every child.