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Vacations are Happiness Anchors

Vacations have a special appeal for all of us, and when it comes to the little ones, there is nothing better than a vacation that can fill the day with joy and cheer for them. Kids wait for the vacations with all their heart, and when it arrives, they do not miss out on any opportunity to enjoy every bit of it. Vacations are important, and especially for children, they allow a vent through the packed schedules.

Several studies reveal that a vacation well spent with family and friends, always maneuver the young minds towards becoming more attentive and creative in their approach. Especially now, when most of the families have assumed a typical nuclear size and both the parents go to work, children crave for quality time to be spent with their parents. At JP International School, ranked among the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, we believe that vacations offer a good opportunityfor such quality times. Vacations serve as happiness anchors as children get to enjoy to the fullest during the holidays. Let us have a look at how vacations help aid the overall learning process and grow in kids:

Help Strengthen Bonding with the Family

Vacations are the much-awaited times that every child, as well as parents, look forward to. It is a long stretch and can be used for making travel plans. Though, traveling with little kids may sometimes appear to be insanely hazardous, but, when you would look back a couple of years later, all you will get is a feeling of happiness. It helps strengthen your bonding with your kids as they get to spend some one-to-one time with you. Hence, regardless of the hassles involved, plan for holiday trips with your children to add some milestones to your gamut of memories with your family.

Vacation TripsHelp Educate the Young Minds

Traveling always makes a person more aware of nature and people. When we travel to an unknown land, we get to know about their culture, people, language, heritage, sculpture, history, culture, food, clothes, and much more. If you see, isn’t it all necessary for the young minds? In fact, children who travel are often more likely to have a progressive, adaptive, and open mind compared to those who seldom go beyond their territories. Besides, traveling also helps a child to develop a global identity, which furthers the process of learning. Hence, take your children to different places during vacations, and it will surely impact their attitude towards learning.

Help Improve Social interactions

Vacations are the time when children get to meet theirrelatives, friends, and others whom they seldom meet. Vacations hence promote an ambiance of reunion and help the kids socialize well withtheir peers. Children get to learn about family values, culture, and heritage, which further help in empowering the character-building process in kids. These experiences and memories always keep the children anchored to a feeling of happiness that runs down their subconscious mind and keep them happy from within.

Bringing out the creative part

Now when the Christmas time is already here, you can let your child explore his/her creative side by engaging the kid in making the Santa Clause, snowman, Christmas tree, or the other decoration material. It willhelp to bring out the best creative genius hidden in your little one. Spending time doing such works away from the daily routine always fills the little hearts with joy and fun. The Christmas vacations are also expected to render the same vibe of joyfulness to every little angel.

We, at JP International School, would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year ahead! Hope all of our little budding geniuses get to enjoy the vacations to the fullest and come back to the school full with vigor, energy, and positive vibes. Enjoy the spirit of vacations to the fullest!