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Vitamin D- All You Need to Know About it!

Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients that determine the overall growth of children. As you might be aware, bone development takes place at a fast pace during childhood. Hence, it is of utmost importance for children to have ample Vitamin D, which is essential for the strengthening of bones as well as the body. Also, the health of skin and nails depend largely on the vitamin D elements present in the body.

Everybody knows that calcium is essential for our bones and teeth, but how many of you know that it requires an adequate amount of Vitamin D to aid the absorption of calcium by the body? Hence, consuming calcium alone cannot guarantee a healthy bone structure; Vitamin D is also equally required to ensure complete nutrition and growth.

A deficiency in Vitamin D can result in slow growth and health hazards in children. Delayed teething, broken nails, skin troubles, toothache, and increased sensations symbolize the scarcity of Vitamin D in the body. Hence, make sure that your child consumes enough amount of Vitamin D rich food and plays around in the sun.

Ensure a Vitamin D Rich Diet

Having a healthy, nutritious diet is always the prime requisite for growth. We, at JP International School, have seen that many children are picky eaters and have a typical choice of food items. This kind of eating habit often makes them exclude the most nutritious food from their diet. While kids love to eat cakes, chocolates, pastries, chips, and other junk items, they often make faces when fruits are served or vegetables are offered. If your child is one of such fussy eaters, try and innovate new dishes using fruits and vegetables to claim the interest of the child. No matter what, your kid must eat enough of vitamin D rich food items to ensure good health and uninterrupted growth.

A substantial amount of Vitamin D is found in fishes like Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, etc. Besides, orange juice, soy milk, egg yolks, dairy products account for another set of food items that are rich in Vitamin D. Even mushrooms have got ample of Vitamin D. Hence, if you are a vegetarian, you can let your little ones munch on mushrooms, and you can rest assured of their Vitamin D requirements being fulfilled.

Allow Your Child to Play Out in the Sun

The best source of Vitamin D is indeed sun. When you go out in the sun, the sunrays help develop Vitamin D in the body. Hence, all you have to do is let your child play out in the sun and allow him/her to absorb Vitamin D naturally. If you are bothered about the UV rays, make the child wear body-covering clothing or spread a coat of sunscreen lotion on the bare skin. Allowing your child to play in the sun regularly will suffice the majority of his/her Vitamin D requirement for growth. The rest, you can very well take care through the diet.

We, at JP International School, positioned among the Top 10 CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, have always taken the health of our pupils seriously. We believe it is of utmost importance to ensure that kids eat well and remain physically active, as it is their diet and overall fitness that lays the ground for their future growth. We have seen that children who don’t take nutrition-rich food, stay behind in academics and other extracurricular activities as well. It is because of this reason that apart from organizing regular physical activity sessions for our students, we also provide them with wholesome meals at our canteen, specially prepared under the guidance of an expert nutritionist.

We always strive to make sure that our pupils grow aware of the differences between healthy food and junk food, and why is it necessary for them to say YES to the nutrition-rich diet while saying NO to the fast food. At JPIS, we firmly believe that health is the foundation on which a child can lay down the base for his/her building of success. Hence, only when we are able to ensure good health for our children, can we rest assured that they are on the right path to holistic development.