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What All You Can Do Upon Clearing Your Class XII

One of the most critical examinations that pave the way for our future career is the 12thstandard board examinations. After the successful completion of the course, the path that a student chooses for pursuing the higher studies decides the progress of his/her career life ahead. A good choice leads to a successful life, and a lousy choice might ruin the possibilities. Hence, it is of great importance for each student to know the exact domains he/ she can join in after the XII examinations. Here in this article below, we are going to discuss the most opted avenues after class 12th which will help you get a fair idea of the options you have post completing your 12th standard boards.


Students who complete the XII standard studies with science stream can opt for taking up engineering as their path ahead. With a decent demand for engineers in the job market, this stream generally lays the way towards success. If you have an inclination towards the technical studies, then Engineering will make a great option for you.

Medical Science

Students passing the XII standard with good marks in science subject can also pursue their future in the medical studies which surely is a rewarding one. If you have an affinity towards the biological subjects, medical science would be an excellent option for you. There are entrance exams held across the nation for screening the eligible candidates to get enrolled for premium medical institutes. A medical aspirant can get started with the entrance preparations while studying in plus two levels to ensure success.

Chartered Accountancy

For students pursuing commerce, chartered accountancy is a desirable career to opt for. But studies of CA cannot be commenced immediately after completing the 12th; instead, a student needs to go through a graduation course which will bring him/her near to the CA qualifying tests. Moreover, students from the commerce stream can also consider pursuing their career in finance-related studies, law related courses, and business management courses.


Humanity is a broad category subject that accommodates multiple domains in it. Staring from regular subjects like history, geography, political science, economics, and sociology, it also encompasses unconventional streams like comparative literature, international relations, journalism and mass communication, public relation, and much more. There is no dearth of scope and opportunities for students taking up humanities for their higher studies. Dedicated learning and successful completion of the undergraduate courses may open the roads to a vast number of career opportunities in the country and beyond.

Creative Studies

If you have the knack for creativity, Fashion Designing or Interior Decoration courses might seem interesting to you. Though unconventional, these two domains belong to the emerging trends of the education world and are sure to bear the fruits of success for you with a cohesive amalgamation of your creative abilities and comprehensive learning. The global market for jobs has a greater demand for students pursuing creative learning.

We, at JP International School, ranked among the Top 10 CBSESchools in Greater Noida, firmly believe in the unique talents and abilities of each child, and strive to offer our complete support and encouragement to help them strengthen their interests further. We believe that it is important that students opt for the course streams based on their own interests and knacks as what they choose is what they become. Our teachers take complete care to discuss with the students their areas of interest and help them explore the horizons of possibilities after the XII exams and the best way to go to for them. At JPIS, we provide our students with categorical counseling to help them pick the right path for the future depending on the personal skills of the students. We are proud to state that every alumni of JP International is well placed in their own domains today, and it was the right decision made at the right time that has helped them to excel in their respective career.