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What is Digestive Health and Why Does it Need Special Attention in Kids

Digestive health refers to the overall well being of the digestive system that comprises of multiple organs. Starting from chewing to excretion, the food that we take goes through a long process through which the essential nutrients get absorbed into the body, and the rest gets excreted. The digestive system is the source of energy for all of us. Studies reveal that 70% of the total immunity factors depend on the well-being of the digestive system, and if one can guarantee good digestion, it directly reflects overall fitness and health. Hence taking care of the digestive system is a must when it comes to health consciousness.

As far as the children are concerned, growth and immunity are the two vital factors that determine the well being of a kid. Digestion surely has a critical role to play in taking care of the child’s immunity and development. Here are some facts that uphold the necessity of having a robust digestive system to augment better living for kids.

Enhanced immunity

As the studies reveal, the majority of the immunity factors are residents of the digestive tract, and with the maintenance of the same, immunity can be secured and developed. For children, immunity is the primary key to good health. As have been observed through multiple researches, children tend to fall sick almost 6 to 8 times every year, and here comes the relevance of building a sound fortification against the possible seasonal infections for kids. With a healthy digestive system, immunity can grow faster and stronger, making a child less prone to diseases.

Better absorption of nutrients

Be it physical growth or mental development, if your body lacks adequate nutrition, growth will be jeopardized. Hence, to ensure holistic growth of a child, good digestion is a requisite. With enhanced digestive abilities, the body tends to absorb more of the nutrients which, in turn, make the organs healthier and support in cell divisions to augment the elementary growth process. With the same diet basket available to two children, the one with better digestive health is likely to reap more nutritional benefits than the other.

Regular excretion

Children could sometime be seen to have developed an antipathy towards consuming food. If the excretion process is not regular and smooth, the body keeps on gathering the waste for long reducing the appetite of the children. To maintain the flow of nutrition in the body and to stabilize the diet consumption, good digestion is a must which automatically supports the excretory functions of the body.

Enhanced agility and concentration

Healthy digestive system indicates a healthy body, and healthy children naturally possess better concentration level and higher agility. A sick child can never concentrate properly as most of the attention is grabbed by the discomforts that the little one goes through during the ailment. Frequent ailments also reduce the strength and tolerance of the tiny body considerably. If the digestive health stays good, most of the body functions remain appropriate, enabling the children to lead a fit life full of fun.

Regularity and attendance

When a child suffers from frequent health disorders, it automatically reduces the kid’s attendance and regularity in school, depriving the child ofregular education. Hence, maintaining a healthy digestive system is a must for each child, and every parent should take complete care while deciding the diet list for their kids. More of raw fruits, whole grains, water, and less of processed food are some of the aspects that should be considered while creating a diet planfor kids.

We, the JP International School, ranked as the Best CBSE School in Greater Noida, have always maintained our focus on delivering our pupils with holistic excellence, and we firmly believe that diet and overall well-being are the most critical aspects when talking of the comprehensive growth of children. Since a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, it is imperative that due emphasis is given to the diet and health of the young minds. At JP International, the canteen serves food that is healthy and apt for children to have. Our teachers also indulge in making the kids learn the healthy ways of living and make them aware of the hygiene-related practices that facilitate better digestion. We also conduct interactive classes and seminars to spread general awareness regarding health among the children. At JPIS, we hope to see each of our pupils in pink of health and leave no stones unturned in ensuring the same.