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Digital Pedagogy

On Sunday, 12th July 2020, JP International School organised a Webinar for the teaching staff on Digital Pedagogy. Mr. Arun K Chairman Sir, Mr Amit Saxena Vice President Sparsh Groups, Ms. Sadhana Malik Principal ma’am, Ms. Upma Singh Sr. Headmistress and Ms. Ranjan Tyagi Primary Headmistress along with the Guest speakers Dr. Niranjan Shrivastava and Shri. Arun S Bhatnagar (IRS) were part of the session.

Shri Arun Bhatnagar started the session by introducing us to various new concepts that shall be part of learning. Sir emphasised on the words Pedagogy stating that it’s the art and approach to teaching and Digital stating that it is the source from which learning may occur.
Sir stressed on Adaptive Learning which caters to the individual learning needs of each child.
The reason for digital learning is because the learning environment and needs have changed. Teachers need to have an urge to keep upgrading themselves to apply their knowledge for the better of the students.
Many tools are available for the teacher to become better at teaching. Lastly sir focused on blended learning, stating that students need to be taught through various approaches such as quizzes, flip learning etc. Taking the session further Dr. Niranjan Shrivastava stated the various online tools readily available for us to make our lessons, teaching practices and concepts more child centric and easy to learn.
Sir said, teachers need to research for the best tools that may help them teach better.
The session was an extremely fruitful one and concepts of how to teach was cleared by the guest speakers.