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Good Touch and Bad Touch Session

Ms. Arti Girdhar, the Founder and President of ANON


Ms. Deepa Choudhary, the Vice President of ANON

 JP International School, Greater Noida in association with ANON Global Foundation organized an Online Interactive Session on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ on May 30th, 2020, Saturday for the parents of primary school. The motive behind this online session was to create awareness towards self emotions, courage and expectations in social setting. It was an initiative to stay connected with parents during this lockdown period. This online session was taken on zoom meeting app wherein a panel of teachers, parents and of course the delegates were there. Ms. Rashi Gandhi, the PRT teacher JP International School, welcomed the guests, teachers in panel and all the parents. The session was started by Ms. Arti Girdhar, the founder and president of ANON along with her companion Ms. Deepa Choudhary, the Vice President of Anon. There was a panel of 6 teachers – Ms. Swati Ghosh, Ms. Rekha Duggal, Ms. Laxmi Singh, Ms. Divya, Ms. Bharti Gupta and Ms. Smriti Srivastava.

Every child should know that their body belongs to them and they have a right to protect it. This could be better explained by the parents as they are closer to their children and can teach them all these important points better. The speaker used a presentation with a numerous pictures to make it more effective. They explained how children can identify and differentiate between bad touch and good touch. They told who is good for them and who can be an evil. They focussed on the fact that parents should enquire and communicate with children patiently. So that they feel comfortable in sharing everything happening with them. The symptoms associated with sexual abuse were also discussed.

We should use the correct anatomical names for private parts. They should know how to handle a bad touch by shouting ‘NO’, running away from that person and moving to a safe adult. At the end of the session, the panel of teachers put their thoughts and appreciated the way the delegates explained such a sensitive issue. Also the parents put their queries and feedback on the QnA box. It was a really great initiative and a step further to spread awareness about ‘Good touch and Bad touch’. A vote of thanks was given to the delegates by the panel of teachers for such an informative workshop.