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Navratri Inter House Painting Competition

Navratri is a  festival that spans nine nights and is celebrated every year in the autumn. … Each year, on each day of Navratri, an incarnation of “Goddess Durga” is worshipped to celebrate the day of her victory over Mahishasura, and the ultimate victory of ‘Good over Evil.”

On the Occasion of Navratri,an inter-house painting competition for  Grade VI-VIII was conducted on 12/10/2021.Students participated with full vigour and zeal and came out with many artistic creations.

Aditi Rajput of 6-C from Prahlad house was the winner of the competition and secured 1st position. There was a tie between Abhinanda Pathak of 8-A from Eklavya house & Yashvi Bhati of 7-D from Eklavya house and both bagged the 2nd position in the competition.

Richa Raghav of 7-D from Dhruv house & Kanak of 7-C got the 3rd position in the competition and once again there was a tie between them.