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Summer Camp Day 4

“It is just about putting your mind into it!!!”

Day 4 of the Virtual Summer Camp brought with it bubbling enthusiastic students full of curiosity and bewilderment for the day ahead. Believing in the above quotation, the activity teachers made sure that the day was filled with new learning, giving the scope to the students to investigate, interrogate and create interventions.

Primary wings students put their hands and work and created craft articles like Rainbow bookmark and pen stands. Our Little Master’s of Cuisine cooked up some tasty Groundnut ladoos having in it jaggery, white til making a healthy sweet to munch on. Students used their cognitive skills to unscramble the jumbled letters to form words during Spell a ratti.

Creative skills were displayed as students drew and coloured sceneries and madhubani art birds.

Our Budding Scientists learnt the different layers of soil by using yummy and tasty edible ingredients.

The students of middle wing enjoyed the Day-4 of the Virtual Summer Camp as well. Some artists of JPIans learned to do leaf impression painting and others made beautiful nameplates using acrylic colours and cardboard.

The day was full of new learnings for our young scientists as well they experimented how vibrations create sounds.

The champions of chess were super excited play some moves on online chess with new tips and tricks.
The grooming class continued with the teaching of table etiquettes with proper demonstration by the teacher during the session.

Overall it was a day full of learning and enjoyment.