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Webinar On Diabetes

It is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi that

‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”
Believing in his words JP International School in collaboration with Sharp NGO organised a special webinar on 2nd February 2022 to make the children aware about diabetes.
The resource person Ms. Aleeza Hasan explained about various types of diabetes, its causes, preventions and cures. With the help of videos and fun activity sheets, children learnt easily how to fight Type 1 diabetes and prevent it.

The children have been explained in a very interesting manner with the help of animated characters that if somebody is suffering from Type 1 diabetes, he should check his blood sugar levels on a regular basis, take right medicines i.e. insulin, eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. and avoid sweets, chocolates and fried food. The importance of exercising has also been explained very well in the session. The host kept the students busy and involved during the workshop by asking them to do the fun worksheets.

The session concluded with the poll where most of the students gave correct answers to the questions being asked to them and showed that how well they have understood everything. Such sessions are always helpful to make children healthy and wise.