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Yellow week Clebration

“Yellow colour is that of energy and strength!!”

Yellow is the colour of strength, warmth, energy and closeness. The Pre Primary Wing  teachers geared up to share a week filled with energetic moments in the Yellow Week Celebration from 26th July, Monday to 30th July, Friday.


The week was filled with many learning activities that intrigued the students in all developmental areas, such as Language Development and Vocabulary Development, Motor Skill Development, Recognition and Cognitive Development and many more.


The week kicked off with an Art and Craft activity in which the students were introduced to the colour Yellow. It was followed by a refreshing and relishing Mango Day in which students were explained the importance of Mango Fruit along with eating the fruit during the class. The next day, students got engrossed in a colouring activity which helped them in motor skills and concentration development. Students enjoyed the Yellow Day Treasure Hunt Game in which they had to find toys or objects of yellow colour. The last day culminated with a yellow day activity and the students dressed up in Yellow Attire. 


It was a week filled with fun and learning.