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How to Teach Your Little Ones to Stand Up for Themselves

“Self-sufficiency is the greatest of all wealth.”-Epicurus

There is a famous saying that even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness. Only when we make sure that we create enough light for ourselves to make the path ahead well illuminated, the journey of life becomes worthwhile traveling. And this is where learning to stand for ourselves becomes prominent.

We, at JP International School, positioned among the Top Ranked Schools in Greater Noida, believe that standing for your own self is more like fighting your individual battles without seeking help from others. Psychologists and researchers have also found that children with the spark to stand for themselves show better adaptability, cognitive abilities, and confidence, which leads to augmented academic performances as well.

As we all know, confidence and focus are the two cornerstones for improved performance. Hence, if you can teach your kids to stand up for their own, their self-esteem and sense of confidence will be uplifted beyond any doubt. So whether your child is getting bullied at the school or others are making fun of him/her, teach your little ones to defend themselves on their own as someone else cannot always be by their side to protect them.

Here, in this article today, we, at JPIS, would like to share with you some of the ways through which you can effectively instill the spirit of standing up for self in your little ones. Teaching them this would eventually aid them in defying all odds.

Teach the right body language

Teach your child to stand erect and confident. Make them learn the right way to project their body language to reflect their attitude towards the opponent, without making any negative move. When your child would stand confidently in front of others, the other kids trying to bully your kid would get the message straight and back off on their own. Teach your child that having the confidence to protest is more powerful and effective than the act of protesting itself.

Teach your kid to be vocal of his/her feelings

When body language fails to manage the situation, ask your child to be vocal. Gestures can be ignored, but voices are often heard. If your kid learns to protest against the wrong vocally, people will hardly take him/her for granted and will think twice before committing any wrong to him/her. Even within their peers, children often feel insecure and disgusted as some children always snatch away their toys or throw them out of the game. If any such biased and unfair incidence takes place, teach your child to stand up for own-self, and demand what is right.

Read some great inspiring stories to them

Tell them inspiring stories as examples as it would make a permanent impression on their mind. Read to them the stories of people of substance who have fought their own battle against adversities. This will give them a role model to follow. While listening to the heroic stories of the eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc., they would relate their own experiences with theirs and find a way out to stand up for them the next time.

We, at JP International School, the Top CBSE School in Greater Noida, believe that inspiration is something that always keeps a mind motivated. And this inspiration to children comes best from their parents. We, at JPIS, hence urge the parents to provide your little ones with enough inspiration as this will help them gain the mental strength to stand against the odds, and more importantly, stand up for themselves whenever wherever required.