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Important Life Skills That Every Child Should Be Equipped With

The proliferation of technology has been accepted and used by all to their advantage. But this still can’t hold true in terms of our education system.Children, to a major extent, are still expected by the society and a major lot of parents, to mug up the same theoretical knowledge that has been prevailing since centuries. The same age old information is casted into the child’s mind with minor changes here and there.  What is more disturbing to see is that the focus has come down to only and only achieving academic excellence, and very less attention is being given to making children grow into ‘well-rounded individuals’.

In such an era, where there is stiff competition in every sphere of life, it is imperative and intelligent to teach children important ‘life skills’ which have become more or less inevitable in the current scenario. Life skills can be understood as skills which one should know,irrespective of age, to sustain and live a fulfilling and satisfying life. They must be inculcated in children right from an early age, so that they nurture into independent confident individuals as they grow up.

Some of the most importantlife skills that every child must be aware of, are-

  1. Conversing Well with People

Developing a conversation is indeed a skill and must be developed among children. It is a normal thing to communicate well with family members and friends. But children should also know how to converse with people they meet for the first time, or how to respond to strangers for that matter. Thus, efforts must be made in engaging children in debates and similar activities, which would help enhance their ability to converse with people in a clear and efficient manner.

  1. Thinking Unique and Out of the Box

We have entered the age of innovation,where organizations todayare on a lookout for people who can think big and generate ideas that are unique and different. Parents should, hence, start focussing on holistic development of children. They should refrain fromjust concentrating on theory based understanding rather than practical knowledge.This bars the children from thinking on their own and put any of the gained knowledge into action. It is the responsibility of the elders to encourage children to keep themselves open to learning new ideas and perceptions for their better future self.

  1. Good Manners as a Skill

It is imperative that besides focusing on education and overall development of children, we also teach our children the importance of good behaviour and manners, so that they grow up to become responsible and level headed adults.

  1. Money Management

Money is an important commodity to sustain oneself, and hence, it becomes extremely important that money is managed well. Inefficient handling of money somewhere reveals that the person is inefficient to take up and handle responsibilities. They should learn the difference between the terms ‘invest’, ‘save’, ‘use’, and ‘donate’.Children should know and understand the value of money, and should be taught to use it effectively.

  1. Concept and Importance of Recycling and Reusing Old Material

Environment as a subject is of utmost importance. People nowadays are becoming more and more aware of the changes happening in the environment and are as such also taking interestin learning as well as accepting the concept of recycling and reusing. It is high time that every individual start taking the subject of environmental protection seriously. Hence, as adults, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that children are aware of the need to protect the environment. They should know about the damage that has been already done to the environment, its side effects that humans are already experiencing, and the ways we can help stop any further environmental destruction.

  1. Importance of Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

In the fast paced life today, it is quite normal to get engulfed in stress and tensions. As such, it is not only important to take good care of one’s physical health, but also special attention should be given to mental well-being.It is necessary that children are taught about the value of healthy mind and healthy body right from a young age. Only when children start paying attention to their physical and mental fitness as the primary requirement for better living, they will accept it and maintain it as a regular habit even when they grow up.

  1. Time Management

Managing time is a skill that is difficult to master.But once you get hold of it, time management proves to be one of the most important and most fruitful life skills. Wondering how to help children inculcate effective time management skills? Well, you can begin byjust asking your child to prepare a time schedule for the entire day and follow the same. Though initially children may find it a bit difficult to bind to the set schedules, but gradually they will learn and accept the value of managing time. This will help improve their productivity and developin them a very important life skill that would be useful throughout their life.

We, at the J.P. International School believe that the true growth of a child happens only when he/she grows in all aspects. Whether its academics or sports, communication skills or health, physical and mental well-being or any other facet, children should have all-rounded development. To ensure holistic growth of our students, we have incorporated various innovative models and concepts at JPIS, like Fit Kid, Smart Classes, Value Education, etc. Though we always strive at providing quality education to our students, we also encouraged and empower them to explore their respective fields of interests that may lie within or beyond the academics. While we, at the JPIS, are taking complete care to equip our students with the necessary academic knowledge as well as other important skill set, we seek equal cooperation from the parents and other family members to help teach children important life skills that are extremely necessary for them to grow into responsible adults and good human beings. Let us together create a society we would all love to breathe in.

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