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Kids being too cranky? Here are the probable reasons and effective handling strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of the population worldwide.And among the worst affected are children who have experienced a total cut off from their regular routine. Studies have revealed that after the pandemic outbreak, children have got hit really hard by the new norms that have changed our ways of living substantially. With remote learning replacing the daily school going routine, children feel isolated and detached from their social life. This is molding the kids’ behavioral traits drastically and sometimes beyond regular limits.

We, JP International School, one among the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, being the mentors and guides of young minds, completely understand the plight of children in such a scenario. Having said that, we also comprehend and understand the amount of anxiety and worry the parents must be experiencing right now with their kids becoming cranky day by day. The need, we believe, is to understand that all the crankiness, impatience, and disobedience that your kids are showcasing these days is probably an effect of the situation that has risen owing to the pandemic. Hence, instead of losing your cool on the kids, it is time to delve into the reasons that are affecting your child’s behavior.

Possible reasons for kids turning cranky

There can be several reasons leading to random behavioral changes in kids. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic ruling the world, social isolation and distance from friends and a regular environment can be amongthe primary reasons for your kids to behave unpredictably.

We, at JPIS, have also consulted the experts to understand the additional underlying factors that can be critical in determining the overall mental health influencing the behavioral traits of children. Besides the unusual lifestyle that the pandemic has entrusted all the kids with, here are some of the common reasons the specialists suggest can be a source of the cranky behavior of your kids.

  • Inadequate sleep
  • Improper diet
  • Unhealthy family environment
  • Tussles with siblings

Effective ways to handle cranky kids

Given the fact that you cannot control the spread of the pandemic or the impacts it has cast on the lives, we, at JPIS, would like to suggest you some ways as advised by experts to handle the cranky behavior of kids by altering a few regular practices at home.

  • Introduce exercising

With a reduced level of physical activity, your child might not be gettingsound sleep at night. This means that the brain of the little one is not getting enough time to be replenished and ready for the next day’s tasks. Hence, you need to ensure that your child practices yoga, exercise, or outdoor games every day to keep the physiological activities going in order, allowing the child to fall asleep easily at night.

  • Maintain a diet chart for your kids

Food has a direct relation with everything that our body does. When it comes to regulating mental health, nutrition can be a critical parameter as well. Try to incorporate fruits, vegetables, cereals, and proteins in a balanced manner in your child’s diet chart. This will ensure good mental health and will keep the behavioral absurdities at bay.

  • Spend quality time with your kids

Parents mean the most to kids. Since children are missing their school, teachers, playtimes, friends, and the school environment desperately, try to spend more quality time with them to fill the vacuum the pandemic has created at the center of their hearts.  Also, try to maintain a healthy and happy environment at home so that your child never feels ignored.

We, at JPInternational School, recognized among the Top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, understand the amount of distress the young minds feel when they have to stay confined within the four walls of the house for days. We would hence like to urge the parents to make the going easier for kids,as being calm and patient will work wonders for the little ones to remain mentally fit and behaviorally managed

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