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NEP 2020 – How Abolishing the Stream Boundaries Can Help in Knowledge Growth

Education and knowledge are interrelated, and they both become complete only when no boundaries are imposed on them. As far as education is concerned, it is all about setting rules, methods, curriculum, pedagogies, and more to distribute knowledge across every age group of children seeking the same. On the other hand, knowledge is something that enlightens the inner soul of an individual by making him/her more curious and ready to learn at all times.

However, one must not forget that knowledge and education both are dynamic elements, and any form of stagnation can be harmful to the very spirit of both. The education system of our country also just came out of such stagnation recently. The education system that has been in existence for the last 34 years recently got a transformation in the form of the National Education Policy 2020.  Not only that the reforms were much-awaited, but the final draft came out to astonish the education world with its vigor, dynamism, progressiveness, inclusions, as well as exclusions.

We, at JP International School, appreciate the reforms being brought about by the NEP 2020. We are hopeful that NEP 2020will practically eradicate the strict margins that are restricting the scope of knowledge expansion in streams like science, arts, commerce, engineering, etc. Earlier, the science students did not have the opportunity to dig into the depths of history to explore the truths that can be beneficial for them to know. On the contrary, a student studying philosophy was kept away from subjects like mathematics that once used to get discussed by the great philosophers of ancient times. Thus, the correlations between the subjects were weaker with the previous form of education. However, NEP 2020 has widened the horizons for the students by making education multidisciplinary and more capacious.

NEP 2020 would encourage interest in education

Now, with the NEP 2020, any student studying physics or chemistry can easily study geography or sociology, as well. The combination of subjects would solely depend on the choice of the students and not the authorities. This will make education more interesting for students. No one will be forced to take a specified combination of subjects anymore. Earlier, plenty of students studied one or more subjects of distaste just to study one of their choices. After the implementation of NEP 2020, students would get to study all the subjects he/she takes an interest in.

Free-spirited learning

When the students would get to study all the subjects of their choice, it is more likely that the standard of education will also go up and the percentage of dropouts will go down. Moreover, it seems regressive to draw lines between subjects accommodating each into a specific stream with sealed ends and no scope of overlapping. This practice defies the very essence of a uniform source of knowledge.

Who would deny that knowledge is one, and we have categorized it to reduce its vastness and to make it manageable for us? With NEP 2020 operative, no more discrimination will be done based on subjects, and knowledge would return to its original and integrated glory once again.

Widened career scope

NEP 2020 would grant the students an excellent opportunity to choose their favorite subjects without considering to which stream those belong. The policy aims at abolishing the age-old definition of science arts, commerce, etc., to unify knowledge and to enhance the career scope for the future generation. The career opportunities that were only available for the science students earlier would now remain open for the humanities students as well, depending on which subjects they are choosing and vice versa.

We, at JPInternational School, a Top Ranking School in Greater Noida, openly embrace and welcome the much-awaited, progressive, and futuristic National Education Policy that aims at emphasizing gaining knowledge rather than mugging up information. We, at JPIS, already follow a progressive teaching method based on experiential learning, and now with the NEP 2020, we are certain we will be in a much better position to empower the youth of the nation. With the NEP 2020 effective, we are sure to offer the students a better scope of education and knowledge attainment in the years to come.