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They say our children are our future. They are the ones who will take our generations further and innovate new methodologies of making human life more sustainable and comfortable. But for a moment, let us not talk about the future; let us bring our focus onto the present and the safety of our children in today’s world.

Can we confidently say that our kids are one hundred percent safe today? Can anyone of unassertively say that there is absolutely nothing that we need to improve when it comes to the safety of our children?

No, right? Almost every day, we find newspapers, websites, and TV channels screaming with new cases of violence against children. Murders, physical abuse, molestation, and what not! While somewhere a child playing outside his own house is run over by a vehicle, another is abducted and held for ransom. The world is no longer a safe place for our tiny tots.

Another factor to be looked into here is the growing penetration of the internet and the impact it has on young minds. We all have heard about the Blue Whale incident and the amount of devastation it has caused across the world. So, this is the time for us as a society to step in and look around for ways and means to keep the young ones safe and secure while not limiting their lives to chained lifestyles just for the sake of safety. We must ensure that our children are safe from the prying eyes of predators.Child Abuse

If we look at the statistics, the situation does come across as an alarming one. It has been reported that around 40 million children across the world are subjected to various kinds of abuse each year, of which 25-50% children are physically abused. The report adds that approximately 3 million young girls are forced into genital mutilation every year. Moreover, mental trauma leading to suicide has been reported to be the third largest cause of death among adolescents across the world.

If we analyze the data further, we find out that the younger generation is massively prone to sexual abuse as at least one in three girls is sexually molested before the age of 17 while for boys the number stands at one in six. Another alarming fact to be noted here is that in 90% of the cases of child sexual abuse the offender is someone known to the child and/or the family.

Child Sexual Abuse

So what to do? How to make sure that our children are safe? The rise in the number of crimes has now led to many parents shadowing their children every day, everywhere. But is this really the solution? Accept it, it is logically not possible to be with your child 24×7. What we actually need to do is to carefully analyze the situation and devise ways we can let our children be safe, while maintaining a stress-free situation for them as well as ourselves too.

Here are a few ways we can try and pave way towards a secured environment for our kids:

  • Let them know about good touch and bad touch, and explain the difference between right and wrong.
  • Be aware of the group of people your child spends the most time with so as to be able to contact someone in the time of need.
  • If the child complains about someone or something he/she feels uncomfortable with, always remain open to thoroughly listen to him/her and try to understandthe concern instead of shushing the child away.
  • Regularly converse with your children about their activities during the day
  • Ensure that the park/playground/recreational center, or any other place where the child goes to, is in a safe neighborhood and has a child-friendly staff.
  • Maintain an open relationship with your children so that they can feel free in communicating their concerns to you and not be worried about being ridiculed.
  • Make your children believe in you. Make them believe that you are always there for them, and that they can look up to you, no matter what.

Let us nowhave a look at the general safety measures that are taken at the schools. A school is where parents send their children with the thought in mind that their child will be learning to the best of his/her abilities for the next few hours and will be safe within the boundaries of the school. They place their trust in the teachers and the authorities of the school to ensure the safety of their child.

However, we all have lately seen various instances happening within the school campuses that often lead to physical and/or mental suffering for a child and hence takes all the trust away. We, the J.P. International School, criticize such mishappenings at schools in the strongest words. We believe that once the child enters the school, it is the complete responsibility of the school management to take care of him/her. Schools are accountable to see to it that they create a safe and sound environment for children where they feel relaxed to open their minds for learning rather than shivering in fear.

To ensure complete safety of our students in the school campus, we are strictly following the below measures:

  • Routine rounds of each floor, corridor, and corner of the school by teachers to ensure that no part of the school is left deserted where a student can be mistreated by anyone.
  • Regular CCTV Surveillance of the entire school campus by dedicated staff
  • Awareness campaigns and discussions are organized to educate the children about their rights and about what kind of a behavior towards them is acceptable and what is not.
  • We have a full-fledged medical room with a full time nurse and a visiting MBBS doctor to tackle emergency cases as well as to provide comprehensive health care to children.
  • We have a robust mobile-based communication channel called Schoofi to maintain strong collaboration between parents, teachers, and students.
  • Teachers tackle with children in a calm and composed manner so that they can freely share their doubts and concerns instead of getting worried about being scolded back.

We, at the J.P. International School are committed towards the safety and security of every single student of ours. We believe only when trust replaces fear, can children truly spread wings to explore their inner potential and talents. Whether it’s academics, nutrition, health, mental and physical security, or any other facet, once children are inside the school campus, they become our prime responsibility. We would like to assure the parents of our students that your dear kids are in complete safe hands with JPIS. It is important for us that our students as well as their wards believe in us. We value your trust and always strive hard to maintain the same.

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