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Sensitizing Children towards the Conservation of Natural Resources is Necessary

Nature is the source of life on earth. Without proper nourishment of Mother Nature, no existence would have been possible. It has endowed us with a bounty of resources that play a critical role in determining the overall quality of life on earth. The world goes round on the principle of coexistence, and these resources are meant for everyone. With progress in human civilizations, humankind started using up most of the resources and sometimes the depletion went beyond replenishment. Thus, permanent loss of resources has become one of the major concerns for the environment today.

At JP International School, we believe making the children aware of the responsible usage of resources is also one of the prime purposes of education. Children must understand the importance of maintaining the balance between use and preservation of the natural resources as they are the ones. That’s why we at JP International School bring forward an array of programs associated with learning methods to keep the young minds in harmony with the aspects of environmental conservation. Through the vivid illustrations and seminars, students of JPIS receive the valuable knowledge of how and why to protect the natural resources that we are endowed with. If our kids don’t learn to handle the resources carefully, the future will be in jeopardy.

At JPIS, we don’t just convey the idea through various programs and activities that are organized year-round at the school, but we also reflect the same through our own approaches and even infrastructure. We have a green campus at JPIS which boasts the fundaments of nature. The construction of the school building has been done in such a manner that it could optimally use natural resources. This helps to ensure that the building and the surrounding area remains bright and airy throughout the day.

Here are some of the specific features that have contributed to making the campus of JPIS an environment-friendly one.

Ceiling Height

It is a well-known and common phenomenon that hot and light air always moves to the upper region of the atmosphere, whereas the cold and heavy air settles at the bottom close to the surface of the earth. Following the basic principle, JPIS has kept the ceilings high enough to ensure a comfortable environment in the classes.


The entire premises have adequate arrangements of lighting to keep the length and breadth of the area illuminated. All the lights used in the JPIS campus are CFL type which is highly energy-efficient. To ensure that no light gets wasted, we have used lightings made with mirror optics and sharp focus.

Rainwater Harvesting

The building of JPIS is quite a colossal one. It comes with a huge terrace. JPIS uses this massive area for storing the rainwater for future use. Water is one of the most precious resources on which the entire existence depends. Therefore, saving every drop of water is important. Hence, JPIS boasts practices of rainwater harvesting to make sure that every drop of water finds a productive use later. The rainwater harvesting pits have been strategically placed near the bore wells to use the rainwater optimally.

Waste Segregation

JPIS has segregated arrangement for waste disposal. The separate bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes make sure that no plastic waste goes into nature as a pollutant. Also, the bio-degradable wastes are later used as manure or fertilizers for gardening and other planting related works.

Waste Water Recycling

The school has arrangements done for effective wastewater recycling which ensures utmost reservation of water. The Centre of Science and Environment observations has validated that JPIS has 97.7% reuse of water, which we aspire to take to 100% shortly.

Textbook Reuse

Every piece of paper gets produced at the cost of a tree, and textbooks consume a lot of papers for sure. Therefore, we, at JPIS, encourage the use of old textbooks to minimize the number of trees cut for this purpose.

Every effort, small or big, makes an impact and helps the environment to survive the ongoing misuses of irreplaceable resources. We, at JP International School, recognized as the Best CBSE School in Noida, are contributing to this great cause in every way possible. We are certain that with our consistent efforts, our children would learn their responsibility towards nature and do their best to preserve the Mother Earth. After all, it is these kids who are the hope for the future of the planet.