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best school in greater noida west

The world has recently been through some really difficult times. No denying, the pandemic hit us real bad and brought in a sea change to our lives. However, for most parents, a bigger worry than the pandemic itself was to […]
The Corona pandemic brought in a sea of change in our lifestyle. This particularly applies to children who have been all of a sudden confined to their homes for the sake of their safety and well-being. However, such restrictions have […]
While growing up, children have very imaginative minds, and one way of expressing their thoughts is through creative play. They come up with a million ideas and games during this phase, all with varying rules and methods. This is not […]
Emotions separate humans from the rest of the living world. Our unique ability to express feelings, reactions, and emotions to external stimuli of the surroundings makes us individually unique and outstanding as a species. Children are the least socially conditioned […]
Education and knowledge are interrelated, and they both become complete only when no boundaries are imposed on them. As far as education is concerned, it is all about setting rules, methods, curriculum, pedagogies, and more to distribute knowledge across every […]
“I can be changed by what happened to me. But I refuse to let it reduce me.”- Maya Angelou The purpose of education never lies in merely making a child academically perfect, but to nourish the mind of a kid […]