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best school in greater noida west

Speed has become the identity of this age. With time, science and technology have made our lives faster than ever. With the internet and other technological advancements in our lives, today, we hardly find enough quality time to spend at […]
New Delhi, 31 March 2020: In these tumultuous times, Katha – an organization that has been creating reader leaders, since 1988 – continues to work with, and for our communities, extending support to those, who stand in dire need of […]
Eating healthy is a cornerstone of good health. If you want your child to stay fit and active and perform well, make sure that the little one does not develop an eating disorder. Most of the kids have a specific […]
Any leisure time activity that piques the interest and curiosity of a young mind is likely to turn into his or her hobby. There is so much more to a hobby than being just another pastime activity that entertains or […]
In the words of Albert Einstein, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Change in attitude and approach is a must to change the effects as well. With the rolling of […]
Nature is the source of life on earth. Without proper nourishment of Mother Nature, no existence would have been possible. It has endowed us with a bounty of resources that play a critical role in determining the overall quality of […]
Selecting the right path is critical for reaching the desired destination. Even the best sailors need a compass to navigate the ship through the turbulent water.  Likewise, without strategic guidance and mentoring, the best possibilities and potentials might not reach […]
One of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks has always been rearing a child in the right manner. The virtues, characteristics, and lessons that children acquire at an early age serve to shape their mind and personality, which lay the […]
Science and technology have changed the ways we lead our life. Over the last few decades, the revolutionizing inventions in the field of technology have changed our lifestyle dramatically. However, the internet can be regarded as the most influential amongst […]