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list of schools in greater noida west

There’s no denying that imagination, curiosity, and creativity lay the foundation of life and future for young minds. If they get the right environment and support to vent out their innate potential and hidden talents, every child can grow into […]
The educational institutions, particularly the schools, are often referred to as the second home for children. That’s because not only do children spend most of their time at school, but it is also the place where they attain most of […]
Anxiety is a state of mind that makes a person feel vulnerable to certain situations. From focus and concentration to self-confidence, many character traits get shadowed by this state of mind. While anxiety and stress are the two things we […]
The New Year is indeed the best time of the year to set goals and resolutions. For children, resolutions are mostly either about their personal or academic progress. But ideally, to achieve effective end results, it is vital that the […]
Parents are the first source of inspiration for every child. No matter how much time you spend with your little one at home, you always leave-behindtrails of impression unknowingly on the little minds. Especially now, during the pandemic, when the […]
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of the population worldwide. And among the worst affected are children who have experienced a total cut off from their regular routine. Studies have revealed that after the pandemic […]
Do you know how Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity? Have you ever heard about the story of Archimedes’s “Eureka”? Also, do you know how early humans discovered wheels? The answer to all these is the same, and that is through […]
Education is a journey through which a child grows into a humble human being. Apart from school and teachers, parents also have a significant role to play in this journey of the development of the kids. After all, parents are […]
An educational institution has a major role to play in shaping the impressionable young minds right from the early days of childhood until the subsequent stages of teenage. Be it stimulating a sense of curiosity in the fledglings, inculcating key […]