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Education is a journey through which a child grows into a humble human being. Apart from school and teachers, parents also have a significant role to play in this journey of the development of the kids. After all, parents are […]
We are living in an age of pace and automobile. As such, walking along the streets has become more about taking necessary precautions than reaching the destination. No matter how much haste you are making to reach a place, never […]
“If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, look in the mirror.”-Anonymous We all have the immense power to change our lives by twisting our thoughts, attitude towards life, and regular practices a little. Looking […]
How nice would it be if we could raise our kids with confidence, spunk, and compassion altogether? Indeed, that’s what every parent aspires to. It is important for children to grow up with courage and confidence to face the hard […]
Whether or not phonics plays a crucial role in teaching young minds or not has remained a matter much debated for several years. However, recent studies and research have revealed that the cognitive powers of the brain of children remain […]
Technology has become an integral part of our lives. From business to education, from healthcare to corporate operations, every domain of activity today relies on the efficiency of technology.  The better the technology is, the more productive the related domain […]
As parents, it is natural for you to want to keep children away from topics that make them feel too scared and anxious. But, there are times when shielding them from all worries is neither possible nor really viable. And, […]
There is no denying the fact that one’s immune system remains vital to one’s health. It is our immune system that does the remarkable job of defending the body against germs and disease-causing microbes. Though the body holds the potential […]
Today’s generation is overindulged with money and material possessions. And it is this fact that makes it extremely important to raise them as money-conscious adults. Let us consider it this way – Have you ever tried asking your kid from […]
Patriotism is all about love, loyalty, and respect towards one’s motherland. Ideally, a sense of patriotism should be instilled right at a young age as it goes a long way in raising responsible citizens of tomorrow. This way, when the […]