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Teaching Children to be Kind and Positive

All parents have a natural instinct to look out for their child’s happiness and future. This urge to protect the children often makes the parents to try and teach the kids all the skills that life has taught them. But in the race to equip the children with all the skills they need to be successful, one thing that is often not paid much heed to is being kind and positive. At JP International School, we believe that teaching kindness and positivity to children at a young age can indeed play a crucial role in raising them into more responsible and successful adults.

Having said that, you might wonder if abstract feelings like kindness and positivity can be even taught. Studies have revealed that while kindness and positivity are indeed emotions, they can be very well taught to children and instilled in them if the right approach is adopted. On that note, we, at JP International School, regarded as the Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, would like to share with you today some easy yet effective ways to teach your kids to embrace kindness and positivity as a way of life.

Teach the child to help others

If you have a little one who never knows what it is like to help others, he/she might not get the habit straight away. Helping others is obviously the best action that benefits others. However, it will also enhance your tiny one’s own positive feelings and attitude. Hence, try and create moments where the child can find a way to help others. Let your child volunteer in a community, foster a habit of sharing food and stuff with his/her peers in class, or make room for some charitable activity. Furthermore, allow the kid to share his/her helping experiences with friends and family so that he/she will be proud of his/her own good behavior.

Consider getting a pet

One of the best ways to teach kids to love without expectations and give back kindness is through having a pet who will love the child unconditionally though it may not communicate in ways the child understands. Having a pet is no less fun, but it can also teach kids important life values and build in them positive character traits like kindness and empathy. Indeed, a constant pet companion is the best way for a child to develop a sense of responsibility and a feeling of love and care for others.

Complement the right way

While all praises boost a child’s self-confidence, try to make sure that each complement you pay is honest and thoughtful. When you tell your child that you are proud of him/her for having done a good job, the message you get across is that he should strive to do a good job for the happiness of others. So, practice saying “you should be proud of yourself” instead of “I am proud of you.”  A child who is motivated to make himself proud with his good actions will always have ways to find positivity within him. Similarly, if a child worked for a long time on something, compliment him for the time or efforts he has put in, rather than for the end result. Be thoughtful, and you’ll have a thoughtful little one with you.

At JP International School, an esteemed CBSE school in Greater Noida, we believe that it is extremely important to teach children about the significance of the virtues of positivity and kindness. However, having said that, it is also important to remember that a child’s mind is like a porous sponge that absorbs whatever comes his/her way. It is hence very important to showcase the same traits through your behavior and actions as well.

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