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The Sheer Vitality of Teaching Children the Art of Embracing Challenges & Failures

The path of life is neither all roses nor all thrones. As we walk past our journey of life, we come across several days, which manage to arrange a permanent place in our merry time memories, and also plenty others which we render the credit of being the source of our experience. Though a small part of this experience comes from the positive times we have had, but the fact is that majority of this learning results from the challenges and failures that we come across.

After all, no success can ever be achieved without battling the odds. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that instead of trying to create a rosy atmosphere for our kids, we also prepare them for the twisted roads of life ahead of them. If they learn to stay courageous enough to handle the challenges, attaining success will only be a matter of time.

So today, in this article, we, at JP International School, will be sharing with you some of the ways which you may try to make your kids learn to embrace the two inevitable aspects of life, i.e. challenges and failures, and how to turn them into a learning lesson to march ahead.

Challenges can be a comma, but never a full-stop

The first thing that the kids should be made aware of is that no challenge is capable of stopping someone from achieving a goal well-conceived. If you have set your mind utterly for something, you will find a way to reach the destination despite the hurdles. This attitude towards facing challenges encourages the children to take challenges seriously but not negatively. If you can make your child understand that the underlying intention of every challenge is to make you more perfect, no child would ever succumb to challenges and failures. Hence, first try and set the thought process of the little minds right, and the rest will follow.

Keep hold of positive thinking

Teach your child to stay positive regardless of the number of challenges and failures. As the great scientist and thinker, Albert Einstein, once remarked, “Failure is success in progress,” you should also keep your kids motivated towards achieving the goal, no matter how many challenges they might have to face. Make the kids realize that it is the challenges and failures that make us stronger and bring out the best in us. Without the challenges, our best potentials remain unrealized. Consequently, they will not think of failures as a stop sign. Instead, they will start thinking of challenges to be the impetus for their journey ahead.

Find good in every odd

Teach your kids to find silver linings in every cloud. This will help them keep their minds positive all the time and help them combat the negativity emerging out of the incidences of failures, trying to overshadow the radiance of the positivity. Once they know that nothing is absolutely bad or good, and that even the hardest situation might come with some sort of blessing, they will start taking challenges asa boon and not a bane.

Offer examples

Narrate them the life stories of people like Dr. B. R Ambedkar, Om Prakash Valmiki, or Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, and others. All of them once belonged to either economically or socially marginalized classes and faced inexplicable challenges throughout their lives. When the kids would know that people who remained deprived of the necessary facilities and privileges throughout their childhood have managed to feature on the list of the most eminent personalities of India, the children would realize that challenges only sharpen the abilities and determination, and are nothing to feel scared of.

We, at JP International School, ranked among the Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida,firmly believe that while encouraging and appreciating the efforts of children holds its only significance in prepping them up for the success ahead, teaching them to embrace the challenges and failures holds its own value. We would hence suggest the parents to use this time of lockdown and talk to your kids about how they can accept the challenges instead of running away from them. Success can only be tamed if one fights against the odds and wins over the hurdles to reach the goals with unaltered focus and determination.