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The Utter Vitality of GPS Enabled School Transport in Today’s World

School transport is an integral part of the infrastructural facilities offered by any institution. It plays a critical role in bridging the gap between the location of the school and the area of the residence of the students by offering effective communication regularly. Most of the children depend on school transport for daily commute to school. Hence, proper service and updated facilities available with the buses are a must.

Of the several technological advancements that have enhanced the infrastructural facilities provided by a school, GPS tracking system can be regarded as the pillar of safe transport. With GPS connectivity, every move of a school bus carrying the children can be traced, making the journey for the young fledglings a completely safe and secure experience.

Here are some of the benefits that GPS enabled school transport comes with, making it an absolute necessity in the current times.

Peace of mind for parents

Earlier, when tracking the movement of the school bus was not a feasible idea, parents had to face a lot of anxiety regarding the whereabouts of their little ones. In case of any delay in return, parents had to suffer the worst fears. However, today, technology has helped the parents to get rid of any such worries and concerns. A GPS enabled school bus can be tracked any time you want through the mobile application set on your smartphone. The app allows the parents to have a clear idea about the location of the bus. GPS has thus helped to ensure peace of mind for every parent who chooses school transport for their children.

Easy monitoring and time saving

When GPS tracking was not a part of the school transport system, parents had to wait for long for the buses to arrive to pick their kids up. With no actual idea of the exact time of arrival of the bus, parents were forced to leave all the important chores behind just to wait for the bus. But now, with GPS tracking, the location of the bus can be tracked down at any point in time.

Bus-miss alert

The GPS tracking comes empowered with the ability to notify parents as well as the school management if a student fails to board the bus. A message gets delivered to both, parents and school management, informing that the child has missed the bus. Moreover, if a child mistakenly gets down at a wrong stop, parents and the school authorities receive immediate alerts regarding the same. GPS enabled buses hence provide for complete safety and protection of the children from school to home and vice versa.

Enhanced fuel efficiency

GPS has a mechanism to support navigation. When a particular route remains stuck in congestion, the bus can easily take the help of the GPS to figure out the shortest possible route to reach the destination. If the driver of the bus is not aware of the locality, GPS can save time and fuel both by suggesting the shortest route available.

Tracking driver’s behavior

A school bus carries children in it, and hence the person responsible for driving the vehicle is important in every sense. Sudden brakes, abrupt turns, over speeding are some of the acts that can cause injury to the children and enhance chances of accidents. GPS helps in tracking these activities, which again helps in maintaining the control of the school authority on the driver, ensuring safety for the kids.

We, at JP International School, positioned among the Best International schools of Greater Noida, have always kept the safety and security of our pupils on the top of our priority list. We have hence integrated a GPS tracking system in our entire fleet of school buses for every route. Parents can now easily access the whereabouts of their wards using the mobile applications to get necessary information about the transport for the particular route they are availing. Along with maintaining complete cleanliness in the buses, we also ensure that all the buses are sent for servicing at regular intervals to avoid any on-road issues. Safety of our students and staff comes first to us, and we, at JPIS, leave no stones unturned for ensuring the same!