Advent of Technology – Pros and Cons

The advent of technology today is surging through all spheres of life, and no doubt, it is revolutionizing the field of education. Using technology in the classroom has always been a skeptical debate among educators, parents, learners, and even policy makers. They have often weighed and argued about the potential benefits and challenges of application of technology in schools.

Technology is considered a force multiplier for educators as it improves teaching methods and contributes to a better learning experience. With technology, students have wide access to educational resources including web sites, online tutorials, e-books, and more to assist them in their studies.

Even though the onset of technology has made education and learning experience more effective, there are undeniable disputes and challenges accompanied with it.  Of course, you cannot classify technology as right or wrong in any way. Because educational technology has its own plusses and minuses, depending on how, when, and where it is used.

So why not delve deeper and evaluate the associated pros and cons of the advent of technology in the sphere of education:

Pros of Incorporating Technology into Education

Enhanced learning experience:

Incorporating technology into classrooms can expose students to new and different ways of learning. Depending on the individual need, students can access and explore new pedagogy. Everything from apps and websites, to e-textbooks and tech tools, helps educators to make teaching more interactive and interesting. Improved sharing of knowledge provides an enhanced learning experience for students. Overall, technology transforms the sage-on-a-stage classroom experience into a more collaborative environment.


Technology has certainly made the life easier for students and teachers through the integration of tools and software. Surfing the Google is a piece of cake. Isn’t it? You can get any information anytime you need it. It saves ample time, energy, and resources. Similarly, having an eBook or accessing an online library is much better and comfortable when compared to a pile of notebooks. Besides, technology makes it easier for schools and educators to store data and manage records. Even a huge amount of information can be stored in a small pen drive or hard drive.

Technology-led classrooms:

Technology helps educational institutions provide an interactive learning environment through audio-visual tools. Interactive digitized boards, computers, projectors, Power Point presentations, and software make learning fun and interactive. Such teaching aids increase the student engagement in the classroom. Moreover, technology-led classrooms help students learn life skills such as delivery of speech, writing, researching, etc.

Assistive tech for special needs:

Technology has brought in the possibility of assistive tech for special education teachers and students. This educational technology allows students with special needs to learn and grow in the existing academic settings. You have adaptive word processor apps, voice input programs, braille apps and more for different special needs students to communicate and study.

Cons of Adopting Technology in the Education World

Though technology avails enhanced learning experience, it can be distracting at many times. Internet enabled tablets and computers can be tempting for children to peek a moment into social networks, sports score or their favorite films. And of course, they may feel drawn to start texting and ‘tweeting’ their friends or even indulge in playing games. When they do so, they tend to get distracted from where their focus should actually be.

Secondly, since the internet is an ocean of knowledge, it is possible for children to fall prey into wrong information. That being said, the internet is both a blessing and a curse. The quality of research and sources matter a lot. Students have to be guided appropriately into identifying and getting the proper and reliable research sources or else they will be misled easily.

Besides this, disconnection from social interaction is a possibility. Best Schools in Greater Noida With technology, many students, particularly introverts, tend to get occupied in online networking and eBooks for guidance, instead of verbally communicating with their instructors and co-students. They might fail to collaborate in the real-world and consequently, will lack the skills of communication and interaction with others.

How JPI School is Using Technology to Make Learning Easy for Students?

Technology has, for sure, occupied an important place in our lives today, and as such if the same can be utilized to attain the educational goals, it would not only serve as an engaging platform that the children would love to associate with, but will also be a good measure for facilitating educational activities.

We, at the JP International School, are making the optimum use of the technology to ease the learning process for students. We have welcomed the innovations in technology with open arms and have come up with interactive and engaging form of learning and other educational activities that help keep children enlightened and well informed.

We have introduced the technology driven concept of Smart Classes as a new and innovative method of teaching at the J.P. International School, which is equipped with high quality audio-visual lectures, 2D and 3D animations, graphical representations, and more. While on one hand, smart classes empower the teachers to teach even the most difficult of concepts with much ease and clarity, on the other, it enables the students to gain better and deeper understanding of the concepts.

Besides, in order to strengthen communication and interaction among the school, parents and students, we have introduced a mobile app “Schoofi” that serves as an extremely strong collaboration platform to keep the school and the parents linked. Equipped with powerful features like attendance and homework notifications, announcements, bus tracking, photo gallery, online exam results, fee payment, and a lot more, Schoofi is a highly desirable form of technology that help us stay connected with the parents and the students 24×7.

We, at the J.P. International School, also have a fully equipped digital communication lab that has been designed to enable the students to gain good understanding of the digital communication systems and concepts like digital transmission, digital circuits, digital radio, etc.

It is also a matter of pride for us that we, at the J.P. International School, are a Microsoft Imagine Academy, which enables us to givewings to our students helping them explore the widening horizons of technology. We train them on Microsoft Office, Data Science, IT Infrastructure and other software tools, paving out a way for them to take up a sturdy career in IT at a later stage.

No doubt, adopting technology in the classroom is a productive idea, as it opens up new doors of opportunity and enhanced learning possibilities for students. best school in Noida extension The ease and comfort of using technology can be overwhelming, but still, the social, cultural, and psychological impacts of it on students has to be taken into due consideration. It is always important to incorporate technology into learning in such a way that children do not forget the basic way of studying. It is a great idea to incorporate technology into the education sector, but it is our responsibility to see to it that the bad doesn’t ever outweighs the good.