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Based on our pedagogy of learning by doing, In JPIS, classroom teaching is complemented with laboratory experiments to ensure that students grasp concepts thoroughly. Well stocked Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Language Lab and Social Science laboratories provide a platform to students for observation, innovation, discovery, experimentation, verification and thus arriving at their own conclusions, deductions, principles and theories.


JPIS has two computer laboratories and these labs are fully equipped to teach computer science, information practices, web-designing. The lab, in recent past has been upgraded with appropriate software to enable learners to compile and run programs as per the syllabus. The labs are designed to give exposure to all learners in Coral Draw, Java, Adobe Flash, Lid Pix, Paint brush, MS office etc. The lab has internet connections and learners access internet under watchful eyes of the staff members.


In order to make the studies more interesting, at JPIS, we have the mathematics lab which helps to understand the concepts through practical activities which include: a. Coating dice games, Jigsaw, Coloring shapes b. Sorting shapes, triangles, squares etc. c. Weighing , using scales & see-saw fulcrum d. Estimating which is heavier, longest, shortest e. Pouring liquid , filling a liter bottle etc f. Playing shop using play money g. Block building games etc. h. Measuring scales i. Estimating, how many and how much? All activities are designed to encourage the learner to understand them practically for highest outcome.


Social science lab is to help the learners to prepare models, projects, develop their understanding about disaster management and make them aware with latest developments in the field of social science.


The School has state of art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These labs have been designed, keeping in view, accommodating, more than 50 students together. All labs have been provided with demonstration arena for the teacher to demonstrate and have staff cubicles attached to labs. All equipments as prescribed for carrying out practices by CBSE are made available to students. The labs are well equipped with models, charts, audio –visual aids etc.


AT JPIS, we strongly focus on STAEM learning and established a Robotics laboratory to give a practical, hands on and experiential leaning to every learner. The Robotics lab provides a strong platform for young learners to learn academic concepts on Robotic kits as it helps them to identify their interest, develop and nurture and later choose their future course of their study accordingly.


As at JPIS, we focus a lot on personality development, communication skills, the language lab is an extension of the same thought. With the help of the digital language lab, we can involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment. With a digital language lab, all students in the class can speak simultaneously without distracting each other regardless of the class size.


To prepare students for STEAM careers that value critical thinking over procedure and recall, JP International School is one of those rare schools in India who are embracing teaching strategies like Project-Based Learning that require sustained engagement and setting up a 3D Printing lab. 3D printing solutions will bring students’ work to life, building excitement and momentum behind any design project. Students can turn an idea in to prototype and it will them time opportunity to explore more ideas, analyze problems in-depth, and develop the persistence to excel.


Life Skills Lab is being set up to mainly focus on creating a self assured, positive, reliable individual through various training programs. Our Life skills labs will be focusing on communication, interpersonal skills, team work, presentation, corporate behaviors and negotiation skills. Each student is provided with a personality development plan at different stages and inputs are provided through structured training and individual mentoring by renowned faculty and captains of industry.